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Reduced my acne by more than half. Sulfur and Mineral Salts (needed for absorbtion of minerals & vitamins)

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My acne has been reduced by about 9/10ths in the last 2 weeks: I read that the body requires mineral salts (also known as Cell Salts because they are found in ever cell in the body).

You can find both at a health food store.

I also took MSM (the mineral sulfur). The Mineral Salts are required for your body to absorb minerals... so if you are running low, then your minerals are as well. Within 3 days, I could cut down on my acne medication by 9/10ths. I'm now off the medication completely and dont have very many problems (life is normal and livable).

I've also been to a Naturopathic physician and they have prescribed me to take minerals (I havent started taking them yet).

Just wanted to share this with anyone who is interested. . . .

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On an average day, I have always consumed about 8 cloves of garlic (almost the whole bulb).

There is not any way to consume enough garlic and onion on a regular basis to meet my dietary needs.

The MSM I took was 1,000 mg ..3 times a day. I dont believe I could eat enough onion to give my body what it required.

It stopped all the oil within 3 days and I havent taken any since then.

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