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What's the difference between a scar and a red mark?

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Does anyone have pics of these so I know what it is? Thanks. :rolleyes:

a scar is like a indent and a red mark is a red mark.

i dont know why some people call red marks, dark spots, scars....its confusing.

when i think of a scar i think of icepicks, rolling scars, ets...not discoloration.

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a scar is like a indent and a red mark is a red mark.

Wait, I thought a scar was like, after you pop your pimple, it leaves a brown-scar?

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The red marks you see after a blemish heals is called hyper-pigmentation or post acne marks... they're just red marks that will go away in about 8 months to a year. You can purchase products that will help diminish them faster. A scar is caused by damage to the underlying tissue and is usually indented. Time can fade scars, but they will usually never go away. Procedures such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels can help.

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let me try to make the clarification because there IS a difference.. a SIGNIFICANT difference.

Red marks occur after the pimple or blemish goes away (loses its 3 dimensions... the skin is now flat). They are normally small. Basically it is regular skin that is pigmented red. In some people the red shows up as brown depending on skin tone. Red marks GO AWAY with time. They will eventually lose their pigment and show up as normal skin and be gone.

When scar tissue forms.. you have a scar. Scars COMMONLY show up indented... which means that the texture of the skin is flawed, the skin now has a "hole" or "pit" in it. At the bottom of these pits is scar tissue, it is hard to see at times. Indented scars are common with acne. If you had DEEP acne, then sometimes you may have scars that are "raised" or even flat. If there is scar TISSUE, then these counts as a scar. Scar tissue is hard to explain but you can see that it has different texture and a different pigment than regular skin. If you have ever had surgery and can still see the incision on your skin.. that is a flat scar with scar tissue. If you have ever had your skin scraped rather deeply then it could have grown back as scar tissue as well and is now distinguishable from regular skin. Flat and raised scars can be treated with creams and oils. Indented scars, however, are difficult to treat and that is what most people on this forum struggle with. Indented scars need to be treated with abraisive or chemically abraisive treatments.

If you want to know why scars form, it is because the skin produces scar tissue faster than regular skin and will thus do so in situations where the skin is badly damaged. This is why your skin wont scar with regular, small cuts but will with deeper incisions (such as surgical ones). Sadly, the skin generally does not fade away scar tissue after it has produced it so... THEREFORE.... Scars are generally permanent.

Summary: Red marks: temporary, regular skin. Scars: Irregular skin, permanent.

I hope you know the difference now, between scars and redmarks.... In my opinion a lot of people on this board do not and come to the scar forum talking about "scars" that are really marks and hyperpigmentation.

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Mystifire is spot on. Red/brown marks left after pimples can be solved by some benzoyl peroxide or tea tree oil, I prefer the latter because it fades the mark without turning it reddish first, but that's just personal 'cause I don't want to start the age old benzoyl vs tea tree battle all over again. They can also be left alone for they fade over time.

Scars on the other hand, DO NOT FADE, and they become more noticeable as you age due to a lost of collagen and firmness of the skin. They can be indented, like boxscar scars or "bumps", like keloids.

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