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Heyy ii was wondering if anyOne haz used aloe vera barbanderis(not sure of spelling) plant before ? Is it effective ? How often do u use it ? How should you use it ? How much ? I have the plant in my backyard now... and want to use it 2niite but dont know how 2 !! i want to heal my red marks faster or get rid of them somehow do you think aloe vera plant will work 4 my type of skin ?? Pictures below... Different lightings. I really need advice any at all im soo pissed of about these red marks and I want to go the natural way incase I make a mistake .. I've tried apple cider vinegar & water method, sticky tape method, aloe vera gel FOTE, Honey, Egg white and plenty more... Im bad at telling if i've improved or not and take pics of my skin on a weekly basis if any one is good at being able to see if there are any improvements please tell me and i'll upload my pics weekly or whatever, don't think i made sense lol... Umm... I've had these mark 4 about a yeat and a half and atm on one of my cheeks I got about 4 red marks but within my scars there are red marks sorta :confused: I dont know how to explain it lol... So last nite I started aloe vera straight from the plant and I did see some improvement but i want to know how to apply it effectively... :boohoo::boohoo: I can't get the pics up just yet something is wrong look at my profile or something cos ive got photos on my posts/forums... I'll keep trying to load them up

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