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is it just me,or are mirrors your worst enemy?

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-sigh- when I was little i used to LOVE smiling at myself in the mirror. I didnt have any worries,i was a carefree person. But now,just the thought of mirrors? Eek! get that thing away from me! My friend who sits at my lunch table has a mirror compact that she has. Whenever she looks at herself in it,im always just staring at her. So she said "you wanna see yourself too?" My reply: "NO! Please!" :cry:

are mirrors your worst enemy too? :(

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lol true. it depends where the mirror is though!

my bathroom mirror is my friend, it makes me look good and makes me happy. then i get to work and under the harsh shitty lighting i look horrible, so my work mirror is evil!!

the worst are changing room mirrors. i avoid them like the plague

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Only mirror I like at the moment is the one at my house because I adjust the lighting. At school I hate them all, but this is only b/c of my breakout.

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yea tell me about it. i feel awful gettin ready in the morning for school .i dont have a problem with my weight figure etc . thats all good and im grateful for it. its just looking in the mirror wen ur fixing your hair. and so. my road is always busy in the morining full of cars so im like feeling sooo self conscious and i have to walk past all the cars and it just gets me soo down. looking in the mirror in natural light is the worst i would say.

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When I get ready in the morning for school, I don't use the mirror (unless my hair is in total disorder). Even when I brush my teeth I avoid looking into it. All my other friends just love mirrors ;[ I wish I can look into the mirror and see acne gone!

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I swear i have a phobia of mirrors since acne kicked me in the ass....

i only look into my small compact mirror and thats bad enough...

if im out shopping and i catch a glimpse of my face i actually wanna cry!! then i get all stressed cuz i think that other people are lookin at me and talking about me...


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Guest Calibos

Some mirrors are good and some are bad, mirrors in a completely white room are terrible, theres too much like and highlights any discolouration on your face.

Mirrors outside obviously make scars more prominent as light can get into the scars and form a shadow making it more noticeable, however, i find my overall skin tone is better with the sun out.

When i wash my face at night i do it with the bathroom light off, i don't want to look at my face (even if i'm fairly clear) as i know i'll obsess over something that is or isn't there and make me depressed.

Try not looking in anything reflective for a few days and watch your mood change, you'll feel happier and more confident and won't care so much about your face.

Another thing i find helps is, if you feel paranoid about something on your face, then try this test. Focus on it as much as you can, up close, detail everything, take a mental picture of it, now leave the room. Look at it again the next day but not up close, just look straight on and see if you notice it. 9/10 you will notice it, BUT, remember it being much much much worse. Now consider this, when people look at you, they may notice something like a spot or scar, but it will seem as it was when you looked at it the next day, not how you examined it throughly before!

This makes you not so obsessive over something you're paranoid about, it will help you chill and will releive any stress associated with this aspect of your self.

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