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you know its not just acne that damages ppls emotions. its things like roscea, vilitigo and skin cancers and stuff. you know ppl with port white stains on their faces because they were born that way. the public just go up to those ppl and say to them Excuse me love what is that painful thing on your face. i mean how rude can ppl get. you know just destroying a persons confidence completley. i just think that is not fair how all the skin diseased ppl can have their emotions played about with.

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Port Wine is a terrible thing to have to deal with. Luckily for women there are certain makeups that TOTALLY cover the port wine..it's amazing really..but again I'm sure it's very depressing. I tried to not complain much while I had all these cysts on my face because I know it could of been much, much worse. I don't have the greatest self esteem to begin with so the acne just made it 10x worse..

My favorite teacher in high school has HORRIBLE sorisis (spelling) and whenever I would think of complaining I would think about her and how she seemed hapy and didn't let her skin problem define who she was.

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^Indeed. I train a man with REALLY bad psoriasis and he just continues along with life, wear shorts and t-shirts, conducts his business (he owns a few wine stores). Although he can be a bit crusty at times, it does go to show that things can be much worse.

I have excema as well as acne and try to remain thankful that's it's *only* in certain areas and it controllable, and I do have scalp psoriasis I am thankful it's all under my hair.

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I agree...skin diseases are humiliating to a huge part of sufferers. I think basically any facial disfigurement is similar too. The face plays a large part in recognition and communication that it is really awful when it's not what you want it to be :cry:

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