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My Situation

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Alright, my routine everyday is..

I use Neutrogena Oil Free Acne Wash for my face.

I use Neutrogena Spot Treatment for my face at night only.

6AM warm shower, I just use the water to get rid of oil on my face from my sleep.

2PM wash face after school ends.

8PM wash face before sleep.

I figured that when I wash my face in the mornings + nights, my face during school is extremely dry. When I just use warm water from showering in the morning my skin looks normal. During the day though, my cheeks especially get real oily.

1. Should I use a toner? My cheeks in the morning look fine after my shower, but as the day progresses and I get home from school, they are pinkish colored.

2. How do I control my oily cheeks during school? Do those Clean and Clear pads help any? I have my oily cheek problem, but my chin, side of the face, and forhead don't look oily at all. How do I control my oily cheeks period?

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I prefer using a toner, but I don't think its necessary. I'd be more concerned that you aren't overwashing your face, thus irritating it. You might want to consider a different, gentler cleanser and I would use a moisturizer as well. For your oilyness, I'd use Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets during the day. Good luck.

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This is regarding the second question:

I've tried the Clean and Clear blotting sheets and the texture kind of scared me, to be honest. :lol: I LOVE the ones from E.L.F. (I got mine on drugstore.com) that have about 8 billion sheets for $1.

I'm normally not a blotter, however, and I just powder when I get shinier. If you use a small amount of powder that is translucent or matches your skin, it won't look scary and cakey at all. My oily problem is my nose, but I bet it's even easier to powder cheeks because they aren't weird protrusions. That sounded a little gross, sorry. :P

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alot of people have success using fish oil, you might wanna try that

Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash is one of the worst for most people. It seems to work at first, and everybody loves how clean their face feels afterwards........but in MOST cases it ends up totally stripping your skin. And then acne gets worse. I would try a more gentle cleanser for a week or two and then re-evaluate how your skin looks and feels. Really. I don't think the answer at this point is adding more drying products to your routine.

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