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How much does sweating have to do with acne. I just played a basketball game and was late getting home (2 hours). I normally shower 15 minutes after but i could not in this cas. Will anything devolep becasue of this

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I usually don't shower for a while after I workout and have seen no difference. One thing I recommend is bringing a clean towel with you, wiping sweat off with your shirt like I used to definitely isn't a good idea.

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The acne bacteria likes to live and grow in an environment that is humid and warm. Therefor if you sweat and getting warm you will make an ideal enviroment for bacterial growth/infections.

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you should be fine

sweat really doesnt affect acne all that much. I wrestle on my school team, durring and after our hard practices, everyone would be covered in sweat. Wrestling involves a lot of contact of the skin and you can very easily have yours and someone elses sweat on you. The time before and after the season, my mild acne really didnt change much. It was on and off like it always was. so i wouldn't really worry too much about it

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well if you leave your sweat on your face, it could be a problem

i think you should do one of the following

1) wash your face or do the regimen after sweating OR

2) if you can't wash your face at the moment, try blotting the sweats off with a clean towel or a tissue

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What i noticed about sweating is it actually helps you prevent acne.

I never had acne when i was in the gym doing all kinds of work outs and use to sweat like there was no tomorrow. Now that i've stopped because of some injury i haven't been able to work out at all, acne came into the picture. :(

Look at kobe bryant. He sometimes gets a big pimple on his forehead or on the cheek etc etc and after 2 days or 1 its gone. Dude sweats so much in a game and in practice. I think sweat prevents acne and it kills it.

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