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What are these and what can I do? PICS

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EDIT: ARgh. pics not working. one sec.

hm. they won't work. just click the urls to see pics... thanks.

So I have some of these on my body and recently got a few on my face.

And my bathroom's light sure makes my acne look worse. :[

I used to have a papule? (soft flesh colored bump) where that dark dot is. The pimple started fading away and then recently it turned black and now it's just there. It's a soft bump.


Another slightly hard flesh bump in the middle of my chest. Been there for over a year now.


I've had this on the back of my shoulder for over a year and a half. It used to have a dark dot like the one on my face but now it's just reddish. It's very hard and doesn't hurt or anything.


Another on my upper arm. Basically all of these feel like there's a ball inside. 1 year+


Any help would be appreciated.

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Wow, I'm really perplexed, it's been there for that long? Your body should already have somehow discarded it by now, especially a zit like thing. You may want to get it checked out then, if it's been there for that long!

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omg! I have those, too! a few of them are on each my shoulders and there are a few others on my back. I've had them for like... years. I'm not sure what they are or how to treat them, but hopefully we can figure this out together. :/ I don't think it's acne, but I hope it's not cancer or anything.

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I had a bump like that that grew on my back. At first I thought it was a zit. My dermatologist told me it was a scar. I have some white bumps on my chest from past acne, they're scars.

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^Oh. Mine aren't white, though. They're like a dark brown, kind of. It's probably the same thing. But is there anything I can do to get rid of them?

Why do they harden in the first place? :/

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I have no idea. Yeah, the one on my back is a darker color. It depends too on the color of your skin. If they are in fact scars, then the only thing that would make them go down are some cortisone shots.

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I think their papules, I had one of those on my eyebrow. For a few months it would be skin colored and then sometimes it would turn red. Eventually, I squeezed some pus out of it even though I never saw an opening. I just say leave it alone if it's not that visible.

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