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acne and depo provera

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I spent alot of today reading info on acne, I had a bit of a rest this evening and began to remember a time when I felt great, was looking great and my acne had cleared, I thought it was because I was antibiotics at the time (which I am now and they not yet helped). I then also remembered it was when I was trying to get pregnant and was not on any contraseptive. ( I have been on the same one for 13 years on and off) I was on Depo provera when I got acne the first time then stopped when tried to get pregnant again and my acne cleared, which I thought was due to the anit biotic I was on. But Iam on the sameone now and have been for 5 months and still no clearing to my skin, I feel it is actually worse. Anyway I decided to look up links for depo to see if it caused acne, I am so angry now. It not only caused acne but everything else that is wrong with me and I thought i was going mad. It causes depression, anxiety, severe headaches and more. If anyone has had this injection and think it may be linked then speak to your doctor. I had no acne as I was growing up then bang as an adult I have it severe. I will be at my doc again in the morning.

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i've heard that acne is a pretty well-known side effect of depo. from what i understand, depo-provera is primarily a progesterone birth control method and progesterone can be androgenic. get on an alternate form of birth control ASAP.

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