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just had a shave....

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and wish I had not :-(

all my red marks and spots are now visible and i look even worse than i already did.

how long will this take to clear?

i werent looking too bad had a few spots around my face but now this has just made it much worse

I'm so upset by this

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Have you gained spots or has shaving just exposed red marks from previous spots??

If it is the latter, there is not much you can do about this, they are marks that take time to heal. If however you hae just broken out after shaving, i'm not sure what to say, maybe it has irritated unseen areas that have risen after the aggrivation.

Spots are demoralising like that, you think you have it beaten and then you get an outbreak from something as minor as shaving, it sucks...

Keep your head up bro

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you always look bad right after a shave, you just put a blade on your face. most of the time, it doesnt last, and the pimples go back to being the way they were before. if you have any active spots though, you might want to try and avoid shaving right over them

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it is just due to the irritation of putting a blade to your face

most if not all of them should be gone in a few days

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I use electric shaver

Its looking better today, I did let my beard grow for 3 weeks so that may be why.

I'm going to shave every day now, thats what dan recommends anyway!

Apart from thred marks around the mouth area the rest of my face looks good and you can even see my freckles and nice skin on 75% of my face, its just these red marks and pimples that are pissing me off :(

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