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I feel so depressed. How can I not look like a freak??

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Before today I thought my only "problem" was acne.

I saw a video of myself today, and I look awful. Even if my acne clears I wouldnt be good looking.. Im getting fat because I hardly go out BECAUSE of my damn acne. I have no muscles. My body is horrible. Im 16 and Ive never had a girl friend. I've never felt this depressed before. I'm just not that type of person. I thought I was normal but now I just want to hide. I dont know what to do. I want to look good.

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Aww, this is the saddest thing I've read in a while.. but you're definitely in the right forum to talk about it. I'm going to move it to emo though, since it is still acne related.

Maybe you should see a psychiatrist about antidepressants... I'm a big believer in them if you have diagnosed depression. Not that it's the only answer.

Try doing exercises in your house like sit ups, push ups, stuff like that. You can get in shape without leaving. The endorphins you create by exercising will make you happier, and the extra water you consume while exercising will help your skin too. Hopefully this helps.. your life isn't ruined, you're going to be okay!

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Do what I did, I bought some weights and started lifting everyday, After a while It was all I did, all day, Lift weights and listen to music.

After a while I started gaining muscle. Now months later I went from a skinny 150 lbs kid to a decent 165Lbs strong.

Its all about motivation, put all the sadness into motivation, get something done. There's nothing worse than a body that does nothing.

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yeah, exercise! I've started doing like 50 situps, 30 pushups, 30 leglifts, 30 squats, etc every day. and it makes me feel so much better about myself. And drinking plenty of water is good too! just have hope.

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16's still pretty young for girlfriends, dont worry. it will happen though. one thing that i recently started (this week) was running or jogging or whatever, in the morning, or after work, ive only done like twice so far, and my legs are still really sore because im not used to it, but i read it helps with depression, and its good for your health, it gets you outside, and afterwards even though your sore, you feel good, and you feel like you've accomplised something, its a bit like a high. or if you want, join a gym, well maybe something where you can do something about your body in privacy would be better for you if your feeling down i dont know. but as for seeing a vid of yourself, i honestly think we are our own worst critics. i am really harsh on myself and i focus on the negatives and bad much more, which i need to work on. and when you have acne, it only makes you more insecure (it did me), but anyways im sorry to hear your feeling this way, and i hope things start looking up soon. keep us posted.

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as has been said, start doing regular exercise. you'll definitely start to enjoy it, after a while anyway!

also, try and aim for something. qualifications, sport, music... whatever. try and aim at something unrelated to your appearence though.

news flash: most people in the world are not good looking! however, humanity continues to procreate! exercise and decent clothes / shoes / hair cut will soon sort you out i'm sure. plus, if you get a more positive outlook on life and actually do something then you'll be more attractive. even if you are ugly, which i doubt, it doesnt matter. sucessful, confident, in shape ugly men still have nice girlfriends! no idea why but they do.

good luck,


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Guest Aloetta

You are very young...


Yes, start excersing or try waking up early couple of mornings and jogg.. sit-ups or weights?

as for ACNE related...

Try drinking some Cabbage Juice ( blended in JUICER) if you have no Juicer .. get NAPPA Cabbage (Chinese cabbage)... and incorporate w/ salads... eat more SALADS and greens.. (great for maintaining weight when loosing a bit even that ACNE).. ;)..

Sandalwood powder- Add a few drops of water to half a tablespoon of the powder. Apply all over the face. Avoid eye area. Let dry. Rinse. This fights acne and blemishes.

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16 is nothing... Come back in 5 year and whine about not having a gf. Your fitness problems can be solved by you doing a sport you like. That may also solve your depression.

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