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Eyelid primers

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I'm feeling a shopping day at MAC coming on strong. :drool: I had a friend who was on accutane 3 tmes and after that she only ever wore eye and lip makeup and I'm thinking of going that way too (with my minerals for really important events). SOOOOOOOOOO I figure I can go expensive on a few key items.

I'm looking at MAC prep and Prime eye. I wouldn't use anything MAC on my face but around the eye area should be fine (my g/f never had any issues with MAC eye and lip products).

I also want MAC fluidline and maybe a few shadows.

ANYway-my questions is about lid primers. Are they really necessary? I guess I could also use my revlon colorstay on the lids only instead of dishing out $$$ for the MAC primer but your thoughts would be greatly appreciated. :D

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I need to try that Urban Decay one (I NEED to :D).

If you like MAC eye makeup, which I do too, you can use their eyeshadow paints as primer. They dry to a powder & can act as a primer, but with some color, so you can wear it alone even. It works really well for me since I have such oily skin & my makeup tends to absorb & slide off after a few hours. I use one called "stilife" which is a shimmery peach-nude color. It looks good under everything & alone if I just want some shimmer on my lids.

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I've always been the same, just do my eyes & sometimes lips for everyday stuff. For special occasions I bust out the blush & foundation.

I use MAC eyeshadows & fluidline every day with no probs.

If you have really oily skin your eyeshadows won't stay put & will end up all bunched up in the crease of your eyelid. If you aren't oily enough to have this problem then you don't need to bother with an eyeshadow base.

For me, the absolute best I've tried is Urban Decay Primer Potion. I get mine at Ulta, but I'm sure you can order it online too.

My least favorite ever was the MAC paints.

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Maybe I'll try a MAC paint. Plain paint for day, then a shadow over top for night-why not? My eyipds are dry now, on accutane but thy'll likely get oily again a few months after I'm done.

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