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Evening primrose oil capsules..

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Has anyone taken thes evening primrose oil capsules before? Any experience of them would be good to hear. I hear that they are beneficial but want to know a bit more...


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I've been taking epo for a few months now, the bottle recomends 3 a day but I only take one. I'm clear now and actually my gramma takes it instead of taking hormones for after menopause. It's good for a lot of things.

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i've used EPO capsules before and they did quite a nice job for my skin! I have hormonal acne, and the capsules helped to balance my hormones, therefore less breakouts.

Yesterday, i started using the capsules again! Fingers crossed, they will do good for me!

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I used to take these to help my hormones particularly during menstruation, if you're a girl especially you may also want to look into starflower oil as these are usually more potent in terms of GLA.


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My Acne is hormone related too... Was considering EPO also. Anyone have any suggestions?? I need help! Btw, I do take take fish oil (Carlsons Cod liver oil, 3000-4000mg daily) as well as a multi-vit and Vit C.

Thanks in advance!

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