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What the Heck Are These Marks?

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I made a topic in the other scar section, but it may not have been the right section to post it in. Basically, I've been having scars like these on my cheek:


along with the pimples. That picture is an older pic, and the pimples are gone, but the brown marks remain and they sort of look really pinched together,thick and scab-like. Are they scabs or some sort of acne scars?

My derm gave me Azelex and I've been on it for nearly 3 weeks, but it doesn't really seem to be doing much for them so far. It seems to get rid of acne fast,though.

Can anyone tell me what these are and if there is anything else I can use with the Azelex to make them go away?

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Nooooo!! Why do my topics never get any replies? :(

Pleeeassseee help me out guys. I'm getting desperate here.

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To me they look like scabs, but you need a better clearer picture. It's kind of blurry.

BTW I noticed that no one replies to threads without someone posting "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "?????????????????????????????" or unless it's all caps.

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I appreciate the response. :D

Yeah, the pic isn't the best quality in the world. I have to get a new camera.

But I'll just describe them for now until I can take a better one. They're raised, fairly thick, and brown. Some of them are tightly knit together and have little slits in the middle of them.

I dunno what the heck they are, but will Azelex help? My derm thought it would, but so far I'm not seeing too many changes except for it clearing the acne pretty fast. But I've only been on it for a little under 3 weeks now.

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Yeah, there was quite a bit of acne in that area and for a while I did pick at them. But sometimes they leave those marks even when I don't pick at them. But I'm wondering if just pressing a warm towel against them is risky for causing the scars,too.

Azelex really won't help? I've been reading on here that some people say it helps with fading scars. My derm wasn't sure herself if scar tissue was forming or not, but she did say that it usually worked quite well on African-American patients such as myself.

I'm REALLY hoping they're not hypertrophic scars since those take a long time to heal from.

Is there any stuff I can get from the store to help with this as well?

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