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Is Accutane still on patent?

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I don't know about the patent, sorry. But my first month of generics was not covered by insurance and it was $310 for #60 40mg pills. The next one was covered and was $12 for the same amount. Someone posted in here earlier that one month of brand-name was $715,.

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That's insane. There is no way I could do the name brand Accutane right now. The generic is pushing it too. I need to get some sort of insurance.

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You should check out www.ehealthinsurance.com (I think that's the address). It helped me look through a bunch of plans at once, being able to view what the generic copay for prescriptions is. You're probably looking at about $120 a month for insurance that covers accutane generics for $10-30. There's probably going to be a large deductible, so you will have to pay for the derm visits on your own, bloodwork should have a huge discount for going through insurance, so that will probably only be about $20 a month. You might have trouble getting insurance if you have other medical problems, but what I wrote is from my experience. Everything was about $200 a month, including all Accutane related stuff and the insurance premium. After knowing this, I would never ever pay for Accutane with no insurance, because it's just a terrible deal.

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yeah, mine would have been quite expensive, but with insurance it was only 5/month, i suggest you look into getting insurance, don't tell the insurance company you want to treat acne or use accutane when you apply, because that counts as a pre existing condition and they will probably not insure you.

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Thanks all for this valuable information. I am going to check out ehealthinsurance.com. I am quite a novice when it comes to insurance so any information would be valuable.

Also I do not qualify for my state's health coverage. I do qualify for the prescription drug plan however; I am going to mail my application on Monday. I have also found a reduced/free application for low-income persons through the clinic where my dermatologist appointment is scheduled, but it's for costs associated with the clinic and not prescription drugs which are my main concern.

So, do you guys have any other tips on how to get prescription drugs cheap? I need to get something before April 9.

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