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hey there ,,,,,,,,,,,,new to this website & thought I would put in my 2 cents worth

Im an adult ( 34) with acne - had a perfect complexion all through puberty & then WAMM

at about age 25 I start breaking out horribly - seriously have tried SO many different products

over the counter AND prescription and just seems like nothing has worked for me - I honestly think possibly a hormonal thing but have never had that checked

about a week ago I threw away ALL my products with benzoyl peroxide and saciylic acid, etc

and just thought the heck with this......... it obviously is not working,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

for a week I have just been using a mild cleanser by PURPOSE and been using PURPOSE moisturizer day & evening under makeup & SERIOULSY I think my skin is looking better - my boyfriend even made a comment about my skin looking really good yesterday

OH and also just using pure aloe vera gel on spots that are red & irritated -

keeping my fingers crossed Im on the road to better skin ???????

but anyway wanted to share - maybe it will help, I think sometimes the products harm more than help and read on line that using too many drying agents makes your skin go in to overdrive to produce oil


maybe some useful knowledge for someone !!!

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glad to hear your skin is improving :)

so what is your regimen?

can you state, you morning reg (with products that you use)

night reg (list products)

and any other things you use/take like multivitamins ect

then we can help you :)

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Guest Pieces Mended

Different strokes for different folks. It's odd how something so simple can work for some people, and how for some people peels and treatments, etc don't seem to work. Good luck with your regimen! Glad to hear your skin is going better!

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I think cutting back on products, especially lots of irritating poorly-formulated ones, can improve your acne if it was caused by those products (like, you have mild acne but started using some bad acne wash and all this stuff, and it kept getting worse and you kept using more and more to treat it). I do think that if you have acne that's not really due to products, though, then a minimalist routine won't improve things too much. There was a gap between when I stopped using Proactiv and started using the regimen of several months where I was only using a plain face wash and a 0.5% salicyclic acid moisturizer, nothing else. My skin improved a little at first, probably because I was much gentler on it than I had been before, but that plateaued pretty quickly and I still had plenty of acne.

I don't think that shunning all acne treatments is usually the best way to go, again, unless your acne is primarily caused by using those treatments. I think it's usually a matter of finding well-formulated products whose ingredients are most appropriate for your kind of acne and figuring out a non-irritating way of using them, and if you only shop at drugstores, it's pretty hard to do that.

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