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Skribby's Roaccutane Log

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Skribby's Roaccutane Log

About me:

Name: Neil

Age: 16

Nationality: Filipino

Problem: Eczema, seborrhoeic dermatis, more.

Enjoys: Dancing, cwalking, building websites, more

Picture: See attachment

The journey begins..

I am going to start Roaccutane 20mg tommorow morning. I'm kind of scared, just hope when I take the tablet, it won't make me feel like vomiting. I hate that feeling. :(


I am taking two 20mg tablets a day and three 20mg tablets every second day.

I will post pictures from time to time.

Please wish me luck! :D I wish you all luck too :)

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Don't worry - it will all work out! I know everyone's side effects differ, but I have not felt sick / nauseous at all since taking Tane... my side effects have been very mild so far, and I am on 30mg/day, so I think you'll be fine. It's not as bad as you hear it is, don't scare yourself!

Good luck!

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I just uploaded a picture of me before I had skin problems to the first post just so you get to know me better. :D

Day 1:

It's been a few hours since I took my first pill. I'm very glad that I didn't feel like vomiting right after. :)


Not too bad. Not dry or anything, just a little itchy on some parts of my face.

Side effects:

Nothing, thankfully.

I have also uploaded 3 pictures (left view, right view, front view) to this post so you can see how my face is looking on the first day and maybe compare it to what it looks like when I'm finished. :)







Hope you're all doing well! :)




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if you have a tendency towards nausea, my advice is get an early night the first few nights, eat well, drink plenty of water, and make sure you have some advil or something similar at the ready if you need it. Im prone to gastritis so, i really felt a hit from tane in the first few days, but only early in the morning generally and late at night, in other words when my stomach was empty, you see... so make sure you eat well, don't let your stomach get very empty..plenty of fluids, plenty of rest..

Best of luck- Sun

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Thanks for the advice and the wishes. I've never heard of Advil though, must be an American product?

I'm from Australia.

Hmm... my uploaded images are still waiting approval lol..

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Day 2:

I've just taken my 4th tablet. No dryness yet, slight headache, my legs feel weak (but I guess that's normal), and yeah.. nothing much. Still a long way to go.

I will post a picture again on Day 7 or as soon as I notice some difference. :)

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Day 3

Last night I had a headache, but it went away in the morning.

Anyways, I think I'm having an IB, I'm not sure. I don't really care because it's supposed to be good, but anyways, my face right now feels like its burning (irritated) and itchy, it's also red, and umm yeah, I guess it's drying out (not sure).

Got some back and knee pains too.

No dry lips yet. I'll see how it turns out tommorow morning.

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Day 5

Chin is drying out and getting really flaky and itchy. Cheeks are getting redder, same goes for t-zone. Cheeks don't feel dry yet.

When I rub my hands on my face while I'm applying cleanser, it feels smoother, as in less bumps, so I think that's a good sign despite the dryness and redness I'm getting.

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Day 10

Lots of updates! :dance:


My lips are starting to get dry and starting to crack. Sometimes it hurts when I open my mouth, but I just deal with it. Also, my face is drying out, more flakes than usual, but it looks sooooo much more clearer when I look in the mirror compared to when I first started.


I'm also getting more red marks in different places, causing my skin tone to become uneven.

Back pains

I've also noticed that my lower back hurts from time to time and when I bend down for around 30 seconds or so and then straighten my back, my lower back starts to hurt..


I think I'm in the initial breakout. I'm really happy with the progress so far and hope it continues like this.

Progress Pictures:

Anyone else think the front view looks more clearer compared to what it looked 10 days ago? =)

Front view:

Front view

Left view:

Left view

Right view:

Right view

Left and right view are pretty bad compared to when I started, but I'm not discouraged. =)

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Back pains

I've also noticed that my lower back hurts from time to time and when I bend down for around 30 seconds or so and then straighten my back, my lower back starts to hurt..

I know it's cliche, but do take fish oil tablets and drink more. Since i've done that the back pain went. It was quite bad, too, particularly when I woke up.

Good luck

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Drink more of what? water? Ahh, I drink water all the time :) It's actually the only drink I drink, but yeah I guess I should really drink more, because, to be honest, I only drink after I eat and that's not too much I guess.

Thanks for the suggestion though about drinking more & fish oil tablets.

Day 21

- Face looking clearer

- Red marks going away dramatically

Almost there! :D I'm happy, but don't want to get my hopes up too high.

Just having a bit of a problem with dryness on the sides of my face next to my ears and around the area on my cheeks thats next to my nose.

Hope everyone else is going good :)

Will post a picture soon!

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Hey! You haven't updated in a while and just wanted to see how you were doing. Are you past the initial breakout stage now and getting better each day? or are you still getting breakouts? I hope everything is going well.

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Day 43

90% clear.

For the past 2 weeks or so, I've stayed up really late consistently (up to 3-4, sometimes 6 in the morning) and eaten junk food after 12 in the morning.

And guess what?


Usually when I do those things (staying up late/eating junk food late) I wake up with a nice juicy whitehead, but not anymore. Hmm.. I'll have to wait till after tane and see if it's still the same.

My back feels really smooth, to the point that I'd actually feel comfortable swimming without a shirt on. My arms/shoulders are clear, to the point that I can just rub my hands on them and feel only very little amount of bumps.

The only problems I have now is redness/flushing/itching/burning and a couple of bumps which aren't noticeable. Other than that, I'm pretty much clear :D

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Day 47

I thought I felt a bump (pimple) growing on my chin on day 44, but the feeling went away later by the next morning.

Still 90% clear.. well, maybe 92% clear now.

Not getting my hopes up too high, but let's just say I'm really happy to atleast feel clear ^_^ even if it might just be temporary. :P (hopefully not)

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Day 48

It's 5 AM right now and I really need some sleep, but I checked my face in the mirror.

I haven't washed my face all day, I've eaten alot of junk food today, and I've stayed up till 5 in the morning (which is now), but my face isn't oily? that's nice for a change..

When I started accutane in the first 3 weeks, my face would atleast get oily on my nose and forehead if I stayed up this late or didn't wash my face the whole day.

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Day 156

Still ... uhh.. clear?

Don't know what else to say, except my face just doesn't seem to be changing much. It's still clear? well atleast 95%.

Still have problems with flushing and my face itching/burning at random times and when I go out, when I get tired, etc. and when I blush LOL.

See attachment below:



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I feel really bad when I look back at these photos. :(

Ever since I went off tane, nothing has been able to give me the clearness I got from tane.

I don't know if I would go on tane again to get as clear as before (over 3 years ago) because I'm still suffering from anxiety/agoraphobia/claustrophobia all of which happened after my tane course.

Any advice? I will keep searching though. There has got to be a natural alternative to tane..

I'm pretty sure it's the oil. Now that the oil is back, the acne is back too damnit.

Edited by Skribby
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