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hey everyone I'm been watching this site for such a long time (1/2 year or so) and never gave Dan's regime a try. I have had acne for about 8 years, now 21 and still suffering. I've tried everything and was really depressed about it and had completely given up. It seemed everything I'd put on my face would irritate it (including cetaphil) yet if I tried to be gentil and use soap/only a cleanser/moisturize to down the redness I'd breakout like mad. Anyways to get to the point, I decided to give Dan's regime a try and stuck it out through the first two weeks and here I am. I'm using bp on my entire face at night, and only on my forehead during the day b/c my entire face will tingle/burn throughout the day if i do. Have to say it has definitely been working for the breakouts. Pretty clear, red spots from old ance but they are slowly fading as predicted by Dan. I am extremely flaky though and have to load extra moisturizer on to hide it and it makes my face shine sooo much by the end of the day (ie. 5-6pm). My main question is if the flaky-ness is just going to continue as such through the entire time I used this much bp, or will it slowly tone itself down like the itchyness and redness seem to slowly be doing as well????? Kinda thinking ahead in terms on summer and that if I have this new clear face I'll want to go out and swimming in the lake etc... but worried that once I jump in the pool and tap my face dry with my towel that my face will just look aweful and disgustingly flaky unless I bring my moisturizer with me everywhere i go?

Finally just so everyone knows here's what I am currently using and it seems to be working good:

Morning: Cleanse with Spectro Gel (original purple)

Apply Dan's bp on forehead and any active acne on the rest of my face

Apply La Roche Posay - Toleriane "soothing Protective Skincare for Normal to Combination Intolerant Skin" all over face and neck ----------------- it's expensive ($25ish Can per 40mL) but every other moisturizer i've tried (even cetaphil and complex 15) has my face looking red and feeling real tight by mid-day :(

Night: Same thing cept bp all over face and neck

Sorry I know this is my first post adn it's really really long but one last question, just wondering if anyone else had had experiences similar to where somedays I'll wake up and skin looks great, wash and do the routine and skin still looks great, go outside on a nice weathered day and go to class on campus for 5-6 hours and come home/look in the mirror on campus and skin looks aweful (ie. all of a sudden seems red from being in class under the lights etc...) I'll appreciate any responses and sorry if it takes me a long time to reply back.

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If your skin isn't looking great partway through the day, you should keep moisturizer with you and reapply it in a bathroom during a break. I think a little washcloth exfoliation could help here, too: after you shower, take a washcloth and gently brush off flakes while your skin is still warm and soft, most of them should just come right off, don't overdo it. But yeah, the flakiness and redness and all that definitely dies down after you've been on the regimen for a while. The first couple of months for me were tough because it was the coldest, driest part of winter on top of me adjusting to loads of BP and using a crappy moisturizer, and my face was flaking all over the place. By the time summer comes I think you'll be very well-adjusted to BP, no problems at all, so don't worry about that. Just focus now on getting your skin to tolerate larger and larger amounts of BP. In a few more weeks you might add in an AHA lotion at night to help with the flaking and appearance of your skin, I've had great results from doing this.

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Thanks for the idea. When going to the washroom do you mean that I would splash my face gently with just water, pat dry and then reapply the moisturizer??? I hope you mean splashing with water b/c with the La Roche Moisturizer I'm using right now my skin already looks really greasy so wouldn't it just look more greasy if I didn't splash it with water? I've thought of doing that before, yet the question I wanted to ask is if I did that at say 5pm during the day, would I reapply the bp that I had on beforehand or just leave it until bedtime then??

The washcloth is a great idea I'll try that out tonight. So I do that everynight for now, or just when I feel I'm real flaky? In your opinion would an exfoliating scrub (ie. St. Ives Gentle Apricot Scrub for Sensitive Skin) be too much or would that work like the wash cloth if I only used it a couple times a week in place of my normal cleanser at night?

I'll see if I can get a pic up here soon too for ppl to see. Also, in terms of my so called shinyness during the day, I was thinking about switching to Spectro Jel for Combination Skin yet i don't know about that anymore b/c my skin feels real clean and doesn't look oily after I used the regular Spectro Jel, therefore it's not really oily at first just seems to get real oily during the day unless it's just the moisturizer. (to see it go to http://www.laroche-posay.ca/_en/_ca/index.aspx then products, sensitive and intolerant skin, then Toleraine soothing protective skincare)

I appreciate how everyone on this site contributes and its amasing to here that we really aren't the only one suffering from breakouts and certain products and stuff not working as advertised.

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Hmm, I don't think you should splash your face before reapplying moisturizer unless you've just worked out. I do think that what you can do to deal with the shine from your moisturizer is after applying it in a bathroom (without splashing it off), then take some toilet tissue (or even better, a piece of those seat covers some bathrooms have!) and blot off any greasy shine. A little colorless loose powder will go a long way here, too, both for guys and girls since it doesn't look like makeup but reduces shine. And just try to keep your BP applications to morning and night, 5 pm is probably too early for a night application.

I think the St. Ive's scrub would be too irritating. I prefer the washcloth method to scrubs because a) you have more control over flake removal with a washcloth, b) a scrub's gritty bits can get stuck in your skin (especially open acne lesions if you have any), and c) you're not using any additional chemicals like those present in the scrub's formula.

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hi matt!

let me tell you that we always breakout when we start to use new acne products, because our skin is getting used to it, s... so no biggie if you think that your acne is getting worse, it gets worse before it can get better :)

as for the regimen, im glad you're giving it a try, but you will need a moisturizer, neutrogena is a great brand if you ask me,

if you have any questions on the regimen you can pm me! :)

good luck!


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