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Question for post tanerrs

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Hey everyone, what up. I am about 1.5 months post tane. The results were freaking amazing. I dind't really see amazing results until about a month after i was done. the redness went away and my skin is perfect. I never really had the scarring acen, i think i just spread it around and made it worse bc i would freak out and wash my face like 3 times a day before i knew that it was actually making it worse. My skin improves everyday, but sometimes ill just get a red mark that pops up, then fades away really quick. or a tiny whitehead that goes away within a day. is this normal? thanks dudes.

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getting the occasional spot is common post accutane, remember accutane is a treatment not a CURE

everyone i know personally who has taken accutane still gets spots, but it's nothing compared to how it was BEFORE the accutane.

I'm post accutane right now as well and get spots, but they are minor and don't really bother me

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I'm 4 months post tane. I occassionally get the odd minor spot or two that freaks me out but nothing major so far. Just trying to take it as it comes but at the moment feeling good about my skin. Wishing you continued success.

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