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Are the side effects staggered, or do you get them all at once?

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I'm on Day 7 I have had loads of small white-heads which I never get. But no cysts at all! But my lips are drier than normal, not really uncomortable. But my skin is loads better, I have peeled off a fair bit of skin to find fresh skin underneath. Is it likely that I am lucky, or just having a delay in terms of I.B. and side-effects, and my acne getting better is because of something else?

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I'm half way through my 2rd month, and my skin was looking much better in the begining. I didn't get my IB till my 2nd month and I am just starting to experiance some side affects such as rash and dry spots on my arms. In the first month I had really bad back pain from the accutane, but now its gone. What I am trying to say is that the symptoms come and go.

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I had a whole slew of side effects and they didn't all come at once. I had cracked and dry lips at times, I had really oily skin right at the beginning, I had ADD throughout, I had depression right towards the end... insomnia at first, and then all I did was sleep 16-20 hours a day (un-freaking-believable). So I'd say no, they're spaced out. At least they were for me.

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