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Hi I'm 14 and I've had acne for 2 years. I started using Proactiv a last summer and I think my skin has cleared up a little. What do you think about Proactiv?

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Hi, Im 17 now, and I tried Proactiv when I was your age. I totally used it in the most crazy ways.. using them out of order, using one cleanser one day and another the next.. It was crazy. So I cant say if it really worked for me. I recently decided to put Dan's regimen to rest ( or to my chest ) because it didnt clear the plethora of small bumps and blemishes on my face that been around for weeks.

My b-day is Sunday, and my mom is paying for my second round with Proactiv. Now, I can actually use it like it was supposed to be used.

Ill keep you updated.

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proactiv works really well

for the first 2 months my face got worst but i stuck to it

and now i'm clear

but i still have scars

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I have had severe acne since I was about 13 or 14 years old, and I am now 20. When I was 17 I tried Proactiv, and it didn't work too well, so I went on other products that were also unsuccessful. When I was 19, I decided to try proactiv again...I have used it as directed for 9 months, and nothing has changed. One day my face would be clear and get me excited, and the next it would be completely broken out! #-o So, I set myself up for an appointment with a dermatologist, and he is putting me on accutane this Wednesday! Hopefully that will work.....so Proactiv never worked for me....but oh well, I figured it wouldn't.


Rams v. Chiefs in Super Bowl with the Rams killing the Chiefs!


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Doesn't that stuff make you go crazy and crash airplanes? When my skin was very bad I wanted to try that but my mom is on Prozac or something so I can't? :-k

I want to uver use the faces now!

:-k :-k :-k :-k :-k :-k biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif [-( [-( [-( :^o :^o :^o

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i used proactiv for a few months. it dryed my skin out so bad. i tried using it once a day, and i tried differant moisturizers and everything but it was so dryed out. and usually i have oily skin. but it didnt clear my skin up any at all.

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