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Question for the ladies-make up on DKR

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I have been on DKR for 1 month 1/2. I can't hardly even wear makeup at all b/c (even with jojoba oil and cetaphil) I flake off terribly bad. I have to actually use tweezers to remove the flaky skin (sorry if this is an overshare) just to look like I have a normal face....the skin that flakes is not dry, but moist...any types of make up that you think would work well with this regimen????

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you should consider trying NHSFL or LHF, they will exfoliate and get those flakes off. Especially if jojoba and cetaphil isn't helping.

As for makeup, some people rave about mineral makeup, but I've not liked any I've tried. Just a simple liquid works for me, or powder only.

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I think that taking a washcloth to gently rub flakes off your skin after you take a warm shower will help, this is pretty much the gentlest physical method I know of to get rid of flakes. I don't think your issue is finding makeup that will go nicely on your skin, but rather dealing with your flakes. Loose powder might be the way to go as far as not having it clump up more on flakes, though.

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Wash cloth is a good idea as you'll probably have one at hand, it's useful to use it in the shower after about 10 minutes of your face being wet, gives the flakes time to come loose.

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What is NHSFL and LHF?? Also, I'm going to be trying to get pregnant soon....will this regimen affect the baby's health???

Thanks again:)

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion and Lac-Hydrin Five.

Also, you should discuss this with your obgyn, since benzoyl peroxide is a category C drug. He may advise you not use it during pregnancy.

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