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Azelex and Darker Skin...

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Hello all. A while back I made a topic about how I was getting these really thick, scab-like blemishes on my cheeks after every breakout, regardless of whether I picked at them or not. To give you an idea of how they look,here is an older picture:


Pretty horrible, BUT the pimples are gone, but several of the dark marks still remain.

Two and a half weeks ago, I went to my dermatologist and she prescribed Azelex to me (as well as upping my Dynacin dosage to twice a day and keeping me on Hydroquinone 4% as I was on before). She said that she was unsure if the marks on my cheeks were forming scar tissue or not, and that the Azelex is usually good on darker skin types (I have more of a caramel complexion,btw.).

To the people on here with darker skin that have tried Azelex, does it work well for you? So far, it has been peeling skin away and it seems to shrink down pimples much faster than my usual regimen, but no huge differences with the scab-like blemishes yet. Granted, I've only been on it for 2 and a half weeks,though. How long does it take to start seeing changes?

Also, are there any creams I can buy at the store to put on with Azelex to speed up the process? I've read that it works better when you combine it with certain creams (retinoids and such).

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Ah,why no replies? Are my questions confusing or do few darker skinned people use Azelex?

Hi SJ, since I'm new to the board basically I've just been browsing and I decided to respond. Now I don't know what treatments do or don't work. Which is what brought me to this board.

I too am African American and also have been told in the past that certain procedures are not good for "dark-complexion's. I have caramel colored skin but you know what I mean.

This one doctor told me that TCA(a microdermabrasion I think) will totally damage a melanin in AA skin b/c of pigment changes.

So SJ, I don't know what Azelex is but I would really be careful. All skin types are not created equal(lol) and I'm still looking for a cure for pock marks on my cheecks.

Good luck!!!!

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Thanks for takin' the time to respond, PBE.

I am trying this Scar Zone stuff as well as using Aloe Vera gel with it on these cheek marks since I've heard these two things are good for scars (which I'm hoping these aren't,but they look to be that way so far).

My next derm appointment is in late May, and my doctor told me that chemical peels would be the next course of action, but hopefully things will look better before then.

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Good luck to you Sj!!! Myself, I just ordered the Epidermx?camella oil. Suppose to be gentle enough yet target's acne scarring but it will be a long road until I see the type of improvment I want.

I'm so scared of some of the other treatments I hear about so I guess I'll take the snail approach to better skin.Lol

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