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Watch your eyebrows

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Hey all. This is my first time posting, although I've been using the treatment for a few months and I'm in the pictures part of the site ("Here goes nothing")

Anyway, I just figured I'd post this little bit of advice that I wish I had heard before. You see, I guess I chose to ignore the fact that part of the name of benzoyl peroxide is "peroxide", and didn't worry too much about what the cream got on. Long story short, it's started to bleach my eyebrows from brown to a reddish color. Not all of the eyebrow, and not so bright that it's extremely noticable, but the color has definitely changed.

This isn't exactly the worst of circumstances, but something that I think is worth avoiding if possible.

-RYan O_O

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I've noticed this for years. If the acne clears up, it's a small price to pay, IMO. Frankly, I don't know how in the world you could avoid getting some on your eyebrows. Since I'm a girl, I'm probably end up having them waxed to thin little brows and then dyed.

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There was a topic here a while ago before I began posting here so I was forewarned about it. I've also got so 'gingering' around the hairline on my forehead and the fine hairs near my sideburns area look bleached.

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yeah, the same thing was happening to the hairs near my eyebrows too, but i just got my hair cut really short for basketball season so that hair is no longer connected to my head.

and i agree, i would much rather have mildly colored eyebrows and no acne than acne and normal eyebrows.

-RYan O_O

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