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Hello boys and girls, I just finished a course of Tane and would like to tell you guys about my experiences.

First a little about my history. I'm 21yrs old, have been dealing with mild to moderate acne since i was about 15. I got a few cysts and at my worst would have 4 or 5 new spots a day. I tried absolutely every over the counter topical, retin-a and several antibiotics and although they helped to control it for a little while, my acne was persistant. I was reluctant to go on Tane because of the many harsh side effects I had heard about, and was sceptical it would even work for me. I started my first year of med. school in the fall, and maybe it was the stress but I completely broke out. I know how emotionally crippling acne be, and it shatters your self confidence. I found myself uncomfortable in social settings and felt as if my face was primarily what people were focussed on when speaking to me. Anyways I was flipping through pictures one day on facebook that I had been tagged in recently and just couldnt take it anymore, decided to go to the doc the next day and ask for Tane.

I just want to say guys, its definitely worth looking doing. Some people deemed it as the miracle cure, the silver bullet of acne treatments so to speak. You just need to be patient and not expect results immediately. I'm a 6'0 170lb male, and I did 80mg/day for 5 months.

Month 1 - The first 2 weeks I really didnt notice a difference at all. Around the second week I started to get a little dry around my mouth and chin, the inside of my nose was dry, and my lips a little dry. By the end of the month I was using lip balm twice a day probably, and not even moisturizing. No real change in my acne other than maybe my face was a little more dried out.

Month 2 - Around this point my face starting to get a shine to it, and i've heard this is common. It looks oily but its not. I got a little bit of flaking as well, mainly around my mouth. I did get an IB but it honestly wasnt that bad, I was used to it. It took about 2 weeks for my IB to calm down, but i still had a little scarring from cysts after it happened. At this point I was applying lip balm 4-5 times a day, but they were managable. I also started using vaseline intensive care on my chin and around my mouth. I got a little back pain as well, which is somewhat common though it may not have been related to the Tane. New activity after the IB was minimal, maybe 1 new zit every couple days. Shocking I know :surprised:

Month 3 - My face really started to calm down at this point. I had little activity, but found myself getting a few in spots I normally never do. My eyes got a little dry but some drops took care of that. Still just stuck with the vaseline as moisturizer and lipbalm a couple times a day. Pretty managable side effects if you ask me.

Month 4 - Well all I was left with was discoloration and redness from the scarring. No active spots whatsever :shock: This is the healing period I guess, and although I still would get the odd one, the majority of my face was clear.

Month 5 - Completely clear and i'm left with minimal scarring, didnt get one zit for the entire month. My skin starts to get back its glow.

Guys I cant even explain how happy I was to be clear, and I wish all of you the best. I say again, if you're thinking about taking Tane, Do it!!!! The side effects were honestly not even that bad for me, and i was on 80mg the entire time. Is it not worth it to be slightly uncomfortable for a few months to be clear and confident for years to come? I just feel so much more confident with the ladies, and im not always thinking or stressing out about my skin. I can focus on more important things, like not failing out of med school haha.

I used:

80 mg once a day

BP at night

400 IU Vitamin E once a day

Vaseline Intensive Care once a day

Dove Sensitive twice a day

Blistex DCT as needed

If you guys have any questions feel free to ask me or send me a PM. Good luck on your journey to clear skin!!!

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thanks for posting this man :)

2 and a half weeks in and my back was killing me but it stopped

dry nose, lips and eyes is all haha more irritating than anything

thanks again :) wish more people came back and posted

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hey thats good stuff buck.

i'm on 80mg and weigh the same as you. only 2 months in and almost exactly as you described. hopefully i'll have the same end results.

good luck with med school. thumbs up!

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thanks for posting this man :)

2 and a half weeks in and my back was killing me but it stopped

dry nose, lips and eyes is all haha more irritating than anything

thanks again :) wish more people came back and posted

Hey thanks, you'll really notice results toward the end of the third month. I hope your get the same result as me and good luck.

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