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signs thats u are growing out of acne

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Hey guys, im 19 years of age, and ive been on CRS for over a year now, im just wondering, when are the signs that your slowly growing over acne, i now limited myself to CSR for only once a day instead of 2, and this has been goin on for the last month, i see my acne slowly creeping back, but i just hope i grow out of it sooner or later!!! what should i look out for that im growin out of acne??

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hm.. this is a tough question. to tell you the truth it is hard to say. my acne has cooled down quiet a bit, i get one or two underneath my chin/jaw now and then -- it is best not to think about acne. if you have really bad acne then get on accutane, live your life and it will go away. i think we worry too much about acne and our appearance because when i had a lot of acne, NONE of my friends noticed. i even asked them about it and they were like.. acne? so? haha... BUT back to your question, i guess smooth and less oily skin are the two starting points.

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I can only speak for myself, but being male, I've noticed that over time certain areas of my face have grown out of acne. These are always invariably places of my face that have "mature" hair (dark, coarse hair) that need to be shaved everyday.

So for example, when the hair was coming in, and I mean how most facial hair usually starts, as blonde, whispy hair, that is the area in which I would breakout. The time it takes for real man hair to grow in on your face is different for everyone, but I've noticed that a lot of males who can grow a mature beard now, who I've grown up with that used to have mild to moderate acne have had their acne mostly clear up. Being able to grow a full beard, for a man, seems to be pretty much the end of puberty.

I imagine for a man this is as good a sign as any, but as I said the maturation process can be very long (I started shaving periodically about five years ago and only have mature hair on a big of both cheeks and under my chin) and is different in different people. However I believe that most males with mild inflammatory acne can expect fairly significant clearing at least in the areas where hair grows once that hair is mature.

However that can take a long long time...just something I've noticed with my own acne

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