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Sgt Pepper

BioLamp - Extra0rdinary Results!

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Thought id give mandelic a rest, i think its got to the point where it can't do any more.

So instead i've been cleansing like normal and applying tea tree oil twice daily and using a biolamp. The results i have got in a week surpass the 2 months i've been on mandelic acid.

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That is awesome news Sgt. Pepper! =D> =D> I am very interested since the marine complex in the mandelic breaks me out #-o .

What type of tea tree are you using...a blend or pure? How much do you apply? Are you using any other topicals?

Where did you purchase the biolamp. What is your schedule for using it, i.e. how long, distance from your face, etc.

Thanks and Congrats Again!! Sorry for all of the questions! 8-[


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Hey there Sarge! Hmmm, very curious as to where you got the biolamp, and why you decided to use it in your regimen.....Theres some good research about use of light therapy in treatment of wounds, and I like this idea. Please tell us more.

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I use pure tee tree oil as its much more effective than dilluted, apply it late in the afternoon as i like to give my face breathing and recovery time without applying anything. And then before bed using a cotton bud ear cleaner to dab it directly onto the spot areas.

im trying to use as little on my face as possible as i have seen better results when the face is naturaly healing. So i just use a neutrogena acne wash cleanser morning and night.

I don't you use a moisturiser or sun protection until my face is the way i want it as skin heals fastest when it is dry.

I bought my lamp at www.biolamp.com, it tells you everything you need to know on the site.

But i've been using it everyday for an hour after my shower. 30 min on each side of the cheek, roughly 20cm away from the heat plate.

I've noticed that the lamp has stopped the production of any kind of spot for the week that i have been using it which is not normaly the case.

the red marks have seem to have shrunk in size and faded considerably.

The Bio lamp is a new introduction to UK and most other western countries for an alternative to acupuncture and treatment of various skin problems and pains.

Its been widley used in China hospitals for 20 years and recently introduced here. The ravings coming out of new users has made it quite a brakethrough in self treatment....so says the papers and the website.

It does cost quite a hefty £150 for the table lamp thought, but then you can use it for a long long time.

hope this helps...

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I looked at the lamp on the site, but when I clicked on the link to buy, the United States is not listed as one of the countries to which it can ship. sad.gif

I emailed regarding shipping to the US and will post the reply when it arrives. [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o< [-o<


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I thought the mandelic acid got rid of your red marks though?

..it did not, it did get rid of the pin sized marks and made them considerably lighter. When you're using mandelic is gives you a false result due to the toughening and scalling of the skin, once i was off the mandelic the marks were more apparent then what i viewed whilst on it.

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Yvone- I am having success with mandelic acid on most of my redmarks. I think many people at this board are. Don't worry, I think you made a wise investment with MA. Of course, don't exect an overnnight miracle, but they fade more rapidly using MA.

G/L with MA, I really hope it works for you.

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Animegirl: I don't think you can buy biolamps from this UK company...

Sgt Pepper: I'd already checked the website. That's why I asked.

I did pick one up on Ebay though. When I get it and start using it, I'll let you all know how it works for me.

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Hi guys,

I just received this email from BioLamp regarding shipping to the U.S.

Dear Misty,

Thank you for contacting BIOlamps. We can ship the BIOlamp Table lamp to you. They cost about 263 USD (subject to fluctuations in the currency exchange rate) per unit. Shipping by air costs 79 USD per unit and will take 7-10 days. Shipping by sea costs 57 USD and will take one month. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further queries.

Best wishes,


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I notice the guy in the photos looks more tan in the "afters" does this lamp have any lights that can cause the skin to tan?

And are you using this to just control acne or does it also help with scars?

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I don't think pores have too much of a role to play in absorption, rather I'd think it was the heat that did that.

The lamp I got from ebay is, at least in the pictures, the -exact- item sold on biolamps.com. It comes with a factory seal and warranty.

It was a lot less expensive than 300 USD.

But I'll let you know when I get it. Def. keep you guys posted.

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