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Very Frustrated!

Hi everyone, Ive had moderate acne when I was younger (in high school), but when I turned 21, it seemed like I was a teenager all over again. I went to the derm. and he gave me some Sulfur cream, and clindamycin astringent. Well those didnt do anything for me.When I was 23, I became pregnant, and of course my skin was beautiful throughout those 9 months, and I did not use in acne care at all. Well now im 24, and 7 months post-baby, and my skin is awful!

Im not an acne expert so i dont knwo the exact terms, but its not "all over" acne, just on my chin mostly, and i get these HUGE bumps that hurt like hell. My husband tells me its not that bad, but im in pain, and it takes all i have in me to not pop these suckers. My face has NEVER broke out like this before. I went to the derm. 3 weeks ago and she gave me a Benzoyl-4 wash, Clindamycin gel for the AM, and Retin-A micro for the PM. Well this did NOT work well for my skin. First my fash turned BLOOD red, then peeled like you wouldnt believe. She warned me that it would get worse first, but i did NOT think this would happen. I just recently got two new BIG DADDIES (cysts i think) on my chin (right in time for my work xmas party) and my skin feels so tight it hurts, not to mention all the flakiness.

I called her back,and she told me to lay off the benzoyl wash and use Purpose soap instead (which is what i was using pre-derm. visit). I dont know if i liek this retin-a stuff. I hate being all flaky and red, im trying to wait it out, but its been 3 weeks.

Someone help!

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Try this. It has what has gotten me completely clear. I wash with Neutrogena extra gentle cleanser morning and night. At night, I alternate retina a micro with benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. For example, tonight, I'll use benzoyl peroxide. Tomorrow night I will apply a little retina micro and NO benzoyl peroxide. I use benzoyl peroxide EVERY morning. yes, you will be dry and flaky. Just work through it. I have been on retina micro for 7 weeks now..and I'm just now getting clear. And I've learned no matter what, my skin cannot handle retina micro every night. My acne sounds alot like yours when I started getting it. I had no acne during my teen years, but now that I'm 23, it is horrid.


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Ok, well things are getting a little better.

I started using Purpose soap again, atleast my skin isnt burning as bad. Im still using Clindamycin gel in the AM, and retin-a in the pm. My derm. also gave me Adoxa, a new antibiotic to try. I have two large cysts on my chin, im guessing thats what they are. Theyre hard knots, that are red, they hurt from time to time, but no whitehead. Theyre quite annoying...

The retin-a is still making my face peel buts its not as bad, hopefully next week (week 4) things will improve.

Anyone else have similar findings?

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