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I tried just a spot of it to if it would work, and my skin got mad itchy and it BURNED like crazy. I've never felt so itchy and irritated on my face in my life! So as a suggestion to anyone who's never tried it - just use a little bit on a discrete area to see if your skin doesn't go crazy.

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You should avoid it if you are allergic to aspirin. Also note that salicyclic acid is a derivative of aspirin.

Yes, I tried it just two days ago (I made a post on the face mask topic on the regimen board) and it did make an inflamed area less red and sore. Blackheads are mostly gone and it makes you face feel so smooth. I bought two packets of dissolvables - one was only 18p for 16 from Tescos! They both worked just as well but the Tescos brand one was kind of hard to apply to my face and keep it there. I find that adding aloe to it makes it too runny but this can be solved by using a cotton bud/pad as it soaks up most of the moisture.

One question though: I tried it out on two consecutive days - not planning to all the time but it helped so much the first time I wanted to find out how the 18p pack would fair. How often do you guys reckon it would be okay to used this?

BTW, I didn't know they had a review of it so thanks for the link smile.gif

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I wanted to bump this thread up because the aspirin mask is worth checking out if you are not allegic. I didn't believe this would work and was skeptical but it really did make my face less red and helps with blackheads and drying out zits. I mash up 4 or 5 aspirins with a a little water then mix with Fruit of the Earth 100% aloe. It also made the texture of my skin smoother and helped shrink pores. As someone suggested, spot test this on a small section of your face to check for irritation. I also use this as a spot treatment. For the price of uncoated aspirin, you might give this a try.

I only use this once a week for 10 minutes because it can be drying.

There are many people on makeupalley who have been greatly helped by this mask.

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To make an aspirin mask, buy the uncoated aspirin. Mix a little bit of water in to soften 4 or 5 tablets to make a paste. I mash it in a little cup. You can add aloe vera or plain yogurt. I use aloe vera which makes it less likely to flake off. If I do my whole face, I leave it on for twenty minutes though you might want to start by leaving it for 10 minutes at first. For spot treating I leave it on for over an hour and it seems to bring down the inflammation. It is really important to do a patch test first to see if your skin can tolerate it. This is a YMMV type of treatment - some people say it really helps their blackheads and acne while it doesn't do anything for others. And if you are allergic to aspirin don't try it. Hope this helps.

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