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My acne gets worse during the winter time i hear its becasue of dry skin and the dry skin makes ur skin lose allot of moister. I heard u should get a humidifier but there are soo many out there i dunno which one to get. There are 2 types i see on web pages a warm mist or a cool moister one can ne one tell me the diff between them and which one is better to get. thanks everyone

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I believe that I read that the warm mist ones are bad. Maybe something about bacteria living in the warm water. I like the old kind of humidifiers where you can see the mist as opposed to the new one's that put out invisible mist.

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Well i bought a humidifier yesterday and a hydrometer whats bugging me is that the hydrometer says 80 when my humidifier is on at night i put the hydrometer out side for a while and it went up too 90 is the thing right i live in sounthern cali and its avg about 65 degs everyday ohh and the hydrometer is one for cigars is there diff ones out there can someone help cause i dunno if im putting to much moisiter in the air it dont seem like it though casue my wondows and mirror arnt fogging up at all but the meter says 80!!!

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