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Hey guys hows it going. Hopefully well. Up untill about 3 weeks ago I was VERY stressed out about my fairly minor (at least I think its minor) acne. My dad has been telling me all this time it is minor, and so has my mom. I know for some of you it isnt, and I wish there was something to help everyone. I have been on Differin for about 5 weeks now, it is a Acne cream treatment. You use it once a night, and it dries up my skin fairly bad. I put lotion on my skin in the morning after I get out of the shower, and then put Clearasil on the few pimples that are usually noticable. I think that Differin is a fairly good product for minor to medium acne. If you happen to get it, dont expect a miracle right away, it will take a few weeks, but you will see a difference. Just to share a fun story, I was out with a girl I have liked for a long time now the other night, and we will laying with each other and someone was making fun of his brother about his friends being ugly. So the girl I was with turned to me and said, everything thinks all girls care about looks. She told me she just wants to be with a nice and funny guy. Hope this helps some of you, maybe it will let you know that there still is decent people out there. The best of luck to you all. Thanks.

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