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For everybody that has used accutane.....

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I didn't get any, my skin was instantly clearer in about 2-3 days. I know it sounds hard to beleive but it's true. However, one bad thing about accutane with me.. Before taking it I was not allergic to benzol peroxide, and afterwards I was extremely allergic. what that normal? I took it over 2 years ago, but I don't want to mess with b-perox again and find out.

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Congrats to you! That is really cool just 2-3 days! AWESOME! Darn it sucks your allergic to that stuff!!!!!! I guess you dont really need it that much tho! Take care.

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I started breakout say 1-2 weeks into treatment and what a biatch that was.Now on week 6 still more pimples than ever :?

Touch would is getting clearer tho

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4 weeks in, it is working great for me compared to what i have tried. Still a few lingering ones, but no major ones by any means. My only real complant is slight redness and some lasting red spots. i bet in 1.5 months i will be totally clear. I am getting a new batch tonight, upping the dose to 60 mg. smile.gif

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