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Question for those spot treating with TCA and/or needling...

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I am considering needling or spot TCA for icepick scars. My scars appear to have red centers, I am concerned that any further trauma could cause more hyperpigmentation. However I notice in this picture -> (http://www.cosmetic-medicine.jp/english/result/nikibikon/index.html) that the redness has actually been decreased after spot TCA treatment.

Can you comment on your experiences: did redness or hyperpigmentation become better or worse after your treatments?.

Much appriciated!

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JLP: (love the username! biggrin.gif )

I have done both needling and tca spot treatment with 50% tca. You will always have red spots after these treatments, but with Retin a (or micro), peels, and/or other kinds of exfoliation, you can get rid of any red marks inside of a month or so. Keep in mind I'm talking to fair people that are of western European origin or nationality. Maya has done lots of stuff to her skin too (she's half Indian/Chinese) and she has gotten rid of her red marks too because of her use of peels and whatnot.

Also, the thing that has worked for me (better than anything and removes spots in 2 seconds flat) is the PureDeming Gel with 5% ALA and 5% DMAE. This stuff will take red marks out unbelievabley quick!

There is a thread around here somewhere that talks about it. You can look it up if you want to read more.

Take care, hope that helps.

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