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im not quite sure how b5 works.. it does something to the sebum production right?

anyway, i was wondering how would b5 help with heavy growth of acne bacteria on the skin?

i mean would it help with that at all? with acne bacteria?

thanks, im thinkin of starting another course since i didnt do it properly first time and evelution x wasnt a good brand to start wit anyway


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I don't have the answer to your questions but wanted to add my two cents anyhow... I have read here and there that B5 does help reduce the oil production ultimately effecting cystic acne.

Regarding acne bacteria, I have a prescription from my derm right now for Doryx and when I look it up on the internet, it says it helps to kill bacteria. You'll find Doryx has several other drug names if you check it out on the internet.

Also, I don't recall if Spiro helps for bacteria but I've seen it on another message board that it has helped with acne. I have an old prescription for that, that I don't think I really took so I can't say personally if Spiro works - I am going to the derm on Friday and plan on asking him for a fresh prescription of Spiro.

You mention Evolution X wasn't a good brand to start with... What happened when you tried it? I'm trying to figure out which B5 brand is best because I'm confused by the dosage requirements. Please advise.

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Hi Purepersian.

I swear by B5! I don't think it will help with the killing of bacteria, but it definately helps big time with oil production. Excessive oil production will clog pores and make it easier for bacteria to grow and cysts etc to form. Reducing oil production will obviously help this process.

I have been on the regime and taking B5 for a couple of months now and my skin is the best it has been in years.

I take 10g per day, in 3 or 4 doses, with food. I use Holland & Barrett's own brand (I see you're in the UK, so you can get this). They sell it as pantothenic acid, 500mg tablets, timed release over 8 hours.

I know some people on here disagree with taking large doses of B5 but there is no evidence either way as to whether it causes any harm or not. In theory it shouldn't as it's water soluble, and any unused will pass out of the body.

It's your choice.

Let me know if you'd like any more info.


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