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Creases / Wrinkles

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I've noticed in the past few weeks I've had a crease form where one of my frown lines is. Is this beacause of dryness? I've been moisturizing mucho in the past few days and it's still visible. Remember im only 16, it's not a wrinkle... I can't be aging this quick im still growing.

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Glad I'm not the only one with the wrinkle problem....sorry if that sounds a little mean-spirited, it's just a bit of a relief to know I'm not the only one to get wrinkles at a ridiculously young age. I am pretty sure it has to do with the dryness because sometimes when I can get the tight lizard skin problem under control, I don't have the wrinkles. Any input from people who've used benzoyl peroxide pretty consistently for >7 years or so? I'd be curious to know if you notice any damage from long-term use.

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They are not wrinkles. You're just overly dry. Moisturize twice daily and use as much as you need to have balanced skin. If you are at the beginning of the regimen, don't sweat it, your skin will become accustomed to bp in a week or two and the dryness will subside.

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Hello everyone, I'd would like to share my experience here, today when I came back to the doctor.

First of all, I am brazilian maybe I cannot express myself correctly.

About my treatment: I've used PanOxyl 10% during the past 3 years, I am to turn 23 years old now. During the last three or four months my skin became less oily. I didn't pay attention to it, I've just used less BP, and sometimes a cream with vitamin C against aging. But suddenly from noon to evening I've seen a red line on my forehead, which turned a wrinkle after I got a shower. It was on 16th August, and until this moments it's not gone. My acne fortunately is gone, inclusing my oiliness, like a miracle. I went to two doctor, both told me my wrinkle it couldn't be due to BP. Ths first one told me to me to wash myself with coul water for a week and then come back. But I've decided to come back to another doctor, today. This one observed my skin, told it was irritated because I've started to use tretinoin by my own, because I know it is used for aging signs. But the first doctor had told me my wrinkle was read. Very strange not? But any doctors weren't worried about its causes. The second doctor today gave me two "formulas" that I have to get made on a drugstore. One of the components, Argireline, has a lighter effect of a Botox! It may make muscle relaxes a little. The other components are gluconolactona, lactobionic acid, Vit.C-IP, and blend of silicon. I may use tretinoin 0,025% just twice a week because my skin is pale and sensitive and acid is a long term treatment.

But she told me that I should have used sunscreen each four hours everyday, and not just once a day, for the past years. And she didn't recomend peelings because they cause veins to appear over the skin, nor laser because it's expensive and maybe doesn't make much difference (I don't understand why not).

She was not very nice and patient to give me much explanations, just told somethings that could have happenned:

- Oiliness can irritate deep part of the skin and cause a wrinkle, even if the skin is apparently dry outsides due to BP usage.

- I should have came back to the doctor examine my skin every few months while I've used BP, because we can't imagine what may happen to the skin during a long term treatment. But my last doctor didn't told me those risks, she just told BP doesn't damage skin, but it did, if not the BP, maybe it could have been the alcool vehicle PanOxyl uses.

- She told me a wrinkle could have been forming already, and in fact my skin didn't have shine and was always sensible. So, that day I could have noticed the wrinkle, when it became noticeable. However it doesn't explain the read line.

- Tazaroten may cause cancer and is forbidden in Brazil.

She didn't want to give me more explanations, and told me to not get infos on internet because there is a Medicin university where I should have studied before doing affirmations. She is not polite, but can be intelligent...

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