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questions or second round accutane

I'm about to go for a second round ("relapsed" within a year of first course, although nothing like it used to be). My doc seemed really hesitant, but went for it (which is scary, but it worked so well the first time that I pushed for another go). So we'll see. Anyway, anyone know if the side effects are worse the second time? (mine weren't bad the first time, just really dry, no body aches or anything) Anyone know why they won't give more than twice? Anyone have relapse stories after 2nd round? Any other particular second round advice?

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The 2nd time I took it was fine, as was my first. I had no problems either time, just the dryness. I think if you have no probs the 1st time the 2nd will be similar.

I think something does permantly build up (or there are some permant effects) in you though, and you dont want to take accutane too many times. But i dont know what????? It is more than 2 times though (well for me cause the derm said it is still an option to go for a 3rd)

I had 100% success in being clear both times (though i have lite/moderate non scaring acne) but after a few years my acne came back the first time, and quicker for the 2nd time. Each time it has come back it has been permantly not as bad.

good luck!

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