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Good or Bad? Dan & Gang - HELP!

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I have been using Panoxyl w/ 2.5% BP and following Dan's guide down to a T for the last TWO 1/2 months...

I noticed my face go blotchy and my acne on one side of my face (a big patch about 10cm by 10cm the right of my mouth and cheek) has sort of gone scaly kind of looking and the acne can be seem redish purpely looking under the skin. :-#

One side of my face seems much worse than the other and scarring seems to be much more severe on the right hand side of my face especially around my cheek and chin.

If any one has any tips or has had a similar problem please let me knoe because am giving up hope sad.gif


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Guest fatman_uk

LOL @ Panoxyl, seriously dude... that stuff blows. Get some Oxy On-The-Spot, or some Quinoderm... both are waaaay gentler.


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Yes, Panoxyl is a bunch of crap (in my opinion). I was on the stuff for 2 years... I had the 5% wash and 10% lotion and none of the stuff worked. I can say that my complextion stayed low *sometimes*, but my oilyness was going through the roof. I'd recommened Oxy on the spot.

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I've heard mostly bad things about panoxyl on the boards. Definitely get something with no alcohol in the ingredients.

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