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How Long Should You Wait Post Tane To Have

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ok so I have been off tane now for 5 and a half months and my face is still breaking out, not bad but its botherign me again. I get mostly red spots and the odd pimple.....

how logn should I wait?

should I get laser

will it help

how long will it help for

can it stop acne form coming again

i'm really frustrated and confude and startign to get depressed again

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Accutane increases photosensitivity, so you shouldn't tan or sunbed while on it. But light treatment gives off little if no UV, so i'd imagine that was fine; I can't answer for laser, but skin becomes a bit frailer for a while after accutane, though 5 and a half months seems long enough.

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so what should I do then?

go to a placee and let them do it, or buy my own and do it(i'm a newbie at light tretament)

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wait 6 months to start laser treaments. get the ALA Photo Dynamic Therapy. search on google and type in where you can find the treamtent. this ala is very hardcore and i think you will benefit from the treatment usuallly takes 4 treamtents no more. fuck the fraxel and those phony chemical peels just go for the best out there the ALA . good luck

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