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Ladies i need some tips...

Please smile.gif

There's this show where i work tomorrow and ive been pulled in to help and blend in with the theme.

Got the clothes etc....But make-up tips im in need of. I use it less as possible since having bad skin, So rather than keep testing and rubbing off was wondering if anyone had some tips to share.

Were talking slight blemishes and ro-accutane breakout...

Not forgetting Camera crew and news-papers!

Any tips much appricated

Thanking you biggrin.gif

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Thanks for reply smile.gif

It's a 50's look Grease style. Ive no probs wiv the making-up side thou...

I meant as in GOOD cover-up's for my imperfections. i kno a few i use when go out at weekends like (but ive never tryed any different ones at getting ready to go out stage - incase go wrong)

And i dont put make-up on throughout the week so i havent tryed any then.

Its bcuz were talking Newspapers... Tv i was wondering if anyone had any tips to share that im not aware of.

*sorry if i confused you, im still getting used to talking on forums so not very good at explaining myself

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Oh, there are so many threads here with tips and advice on cover ups. I think that MAC studio fix is a popular one. Revlon Colorstay makeup seems to be popular too.

I don't use anything special, I use foundation/powder and estee lauder concealer for cover up where needed.

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Yer but most the posts are on about products and ive left till last minute(as i always do).

So was thinking more along the lines of like.. Not actual brand of product but how people apply them.

-Which product first...

- Or which areas to emphasise (like apply more hear to distract away from here).

I'll sort summat out.. Which i best do now come to think of it (try on outfit aswell biggrin.gif/ )

Lmao Im gona look so saft but its all in good fun.

Thanks anyway biggrin.gif

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1950 style....ummmm think...Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn. Focus more on eye brows, red lips, dark eyeliner. Less on cheeks and eye shadow.

In the 1950s colour films made an enormous impact on cosmetics. The huge cinema screens illuminated the unblemished appearance of stars and caused the make up artist Max Factor to invent an everyday version of the foundation he used called “Pan Cake�. This was a makeup to gloss over skin imperfections. He also brought out a range of eye shadows and lipsticks. Later in the 50s titanium was added to tone down the brightness of products and this resulted in lips with a pale shimmering gleam. The idea was extended to create frosted nail varnishes of pink, silver and a host of other colours.

from http://www.fashion-era.com/make_up_part_2.htm

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This may be too late for your event, but hopefully can help you in the future. Start with a clean palette...of course. After moisturizing, apply your concealer in a shade similar to your skin tone, then apply your foundation. Try to find a foundation shade that will neutralize your redness. Some women find that an olive based foundation shade will help with this. Avoid foundations that have a pink or red color base...you are just adding more of what you want to cover!! Try finding a foundation that has buildable coverage so that it doesn't look caked on or chalky.

Avoid cheek color with too much red. And avoid brown or bland / too neutral color lipstick. When you have texture issues, whether acne flare up or as women get older, fine lines/wrinkles, the tendency is to try to make everything blur together in the hope that what you don't want to feature will blur into the background.

Well, the effect is opposite to what you are trying to achieve. Instead, go with a lip color that has more reflective color. It makes any complexion lok smoother.

Of course, focus the attention on eyes. Lots of drama here will pull the attention where we want it...eye contact.

Feel free to contact me for any specific questions or color recommendations Have fun and good luck with your event!


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Thanks for your post deborah biggrin.gif .... Was a lil late but no probs.. i just stuck to more natural look in the end wiv attention to eyes aswell as the outfit.

Figured well i rather not wear the make-up and thought arr sod it wont bother.

From what youve said tho.. is alot like what i alreadly do when i go out... except the lipstix anywayz i hate that stuff (kinda weird thing i av and always rub it off stright after).

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