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Problems six months in

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Hey everyone. I started the regimen about six months ago and have been having amazing success lately. I'm taking weeks without a serious pimple.

But this week, two things happened:

1. I began running after school

2. I recieved my new shipmen of Dan's BP cream

And now my face is broken out worse than it has in a long while.

I noticed that my new cream has a very different smell and texture than the old one-- could this be causing the breakouts? Or is it the sweat from the excersize? And how should I combat either/both of these?

The other possibility is that it's coming up on "that time of the month", but right now I can't be sure.

Thanks, everyone. :)

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It's most likely the new exercise and/or your hormones.

Dan's gel is still 2.5%. He explained that there may be mild textural/smell differences from batch to batch but that the product is the same.

When you run does the BP sweat off? Do you wash afterwards?

Does it interfere with your skincare regimen or the time that BP is on your skin?

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Thanks for the info on the smell/texture variation. That's comforting. :)

How can I tell if the BP is sweating off? My face doesn't feel unusually sticky or anything. I don't wash my face afterwards, just sort of dab it with a soft towel because I'm worried washing would interfere with the regimen. Should I be doing something else?

The excersize doesn't interfere with the timing of my regimen.

Thanks again. :)

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Sweat comes out your pores and thats where pimples come from and thats where you want BP to be. So if you're sweating, BP is gonna come out. I would suggest adjusting your regimen so you re-apply your BP right after your exercise and then again 12 hours later (this may be hard because its in the middle of the night, but maybe you can just do it first thing in the morning before school).

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