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My Diet/Program Log For Clear skin and a Slim body

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Yeah. I actually started my treatment program last Monday.

It's something I designed myself too. It's really in-depth but I'm going to say it's already working.

What im doing:

Exercise @ 5 x a week 30 mins to 2 hr sessions (some cardio but mostly strength training)

Diet @ 7 x a week alloud to have 1 "cheat" meal on the weekends (i'm eating fish, salmon & cod, baked in olive oil, water, boiled and steamed veggies, fresh fruit and veggies, organic whole grain/wheat bread with flax seeds, LIGHT MAYO oganic fruit juice with NO high fructose corn syrup, lean turkey lunch meat, organic baby carrots,fresh bananas, organic blueberries, organic walnuts, oat and honey granola bars, low fat string cheese, orginal pretzles, frozen entrees with less then 300 calories for dinner, oatmeal for breakfast, fresh sliced cucumber, fresh green grapes, fresh apples, egglands best eggs for breakfast) ( What im trying to avoid: High fructose corn syrup, excessive amounts of sugar, white bread, white starch, rice, potatoes, ect. Soda, coffee, caffiene, All I drink is water and green tea and white tea organic fruit juice with no corn syrup and non-hormone milk to swallow my pills. Diet averages around 1500-1700 calorie intake per day. Which is a 800-1000 reduction from what I was consuming previously.

Supplementation @ 2 NON-Iodine containing multi-vitamins with Breakfast taken with water

2 flax seed oil capsules (500 mg) & 1 evening primrose oil capsule (500 mg) with Lunch take with 1/2 cup (4 oz) of NON-HORMONE Homo/Vita D Milk

2 borage oil capsules (1000 mg) & 1 evening primrose oil capsule (500 mg) with Dinner take with 1/2 cup (4 oz) of NON-HORMONE Homo/Vita D Milk

Topicals @ Treating my face with the exposed skin care system - Treating my body by washing with SLS FREE Lavender soap with a loofa and spraying in the morning with a mixture of water, organic jojoba oil, organic tea tree oil, and at night after a bath I am spraying with water, organic jojoba oil, and organic lavender oil. I bought 2 water bottles of plant use and washed them and filled one with Am mix and one a Pm mix.

I take a shower in the morning and a bath at night. 2 times a week I turn a pm bath into a spa/stress relief by adding aromatherapy oils to my bath water and applying a clay mask to my face. I exfoliate my skin with my derm cloth ( on my face ) every 2-3 days and I use microdermabrasion cream applied with my fingers every 10 days. I will be adding a back loofa to exfoliate in the next week.

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Guest Pieces Mended

Good luck your your program, I hope you have success.

As for water, the necessary water intake is different for each individual...soem people may need 8 glasses, others may need a whole lot more. I personally need 2.2 liters.

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I just switched to a 20 oz bottle of water a day so I will be drinking 40 oz (2 bottles) a day at the least and 120 oz (6 bottles) at the most. Did you guys hear about the lady who went to her local radio station for a drinking-water contest, and drank a shit load of water (way more then shes use to) and actually died from it. The sad thing is, she was trying to win a video gaming system for her two young children. Her husband is trying to sue the radio station for wrongful death. :shock:

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Also the reason why I was drinking sooo much water is because I started exercising very often and I was advised to drink water prior to, during and after working out. Besides I was getting really really warm and just felt thirsty, so I drank as much as I felt I should. I don't drink soda anymore. I haven't touched a soda in almost 2 weeks now. I drink 100% fruit juice, some full strength, some dilluted with plain sparkling water ( to cut calories ) and diet energy drinks on occassion (artificial sweetners) only like once a week.

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A few anecdotes about water that I thought might be helpful: Last Wednesday, I attended an anti-aging lecture by Dr. Murad, and he recommended getting the majority of your daily intake of water by eating fresh vegetables and fruits. He disregarded conventional wisdom of drinking 8 glasses of water, because that just sends most people to the bathroom.

I have an older relative who developed acid reflux from drinking too much water at mealtime, because the excess water had diluted her digestive juices.

I also know some older hikers who carry cucumbers to combat thirst instead of water or sports drinks, because too much water can affect your blood's electrolyte levels and such.

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I think that is a great idea. Cucumbers are very high in water and very low in calories.

I just wanted to update that I stopped taking the supplements for a week to see what would happen.

Suprisingly, it didn't make me break out that much but it did dry out my eczema.

Scince it has been exactly 1 week I am going back on the supplements tommarow.

I am kind of experimenting with all of this for information purposes.

I think it is cool to see that the oils play apart with your skins ability to retain moisture.

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