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My success with BP (and Hydrocortisone)

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Hello all! I have been trying to eliminate my acne for years before stumbling upon this regimen. Now I am completely blemish free after only 2wks of it!! biggrin.gif Hurrah for Dan!

Anyway, here's some tips for those still suffering...

Every night, soak your face in a basin full of hot water (not burning hot, but hotter than warm). This will make zits appear quicker, so you can squeeze them at night, and let them heal overnight. You can also do this in the morning before shaving, but if you can go without shaving for a few days, do so, as it will probably hinder the BP healing proccess.

Don't use overpriced cleanser for your face. Just warm water and perfume-free soap does fine!

Don't rub the soap into the face vigorously, it will only aggravate the underlying zits. Same goes for applying BP.

For those red, inflamed cysts - you know the ones, they are sore to touch and take forever to come to a whitehead or even fade. For these, apply a little hydrocortisone 1% 3 times a day to the affected area. This will stop them from getting any bigger. In around a day or two, they will not be sore to the touch, and you can carry on applying BP to them until the redness fades (may take 4-5 days, if it is a big one)

Too much moisturizer makes the skin look oily. Apply alot at night, then a little in the morning. This will keep your skin healthy, while not making it look greasy.

Don't pick at skin!! Very important. Spots take more than twice the time to heal. Just be confident that in less than a months time, your skin will be looking better than ever!

That's about all I can think of, but if you have any questions, let me know!

P.S. The products I used were Oxy On the Spot (BP 2.5%), E45 Moisturizer, Hc45 Hydrocortisone cream, and a regular bar of perfume-free soap. Can't remember exactly how much they cost, but in the fortnight I must have spent way less than £10 on my skin, and I still have about a bit to spare, especially of the hydrocortisone, as you don't need much of it.

P.P.S. Thanks to everyone on this board for little bits of advice I have picked up!

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i tend to get those occasionally. i hate them!! usually, the rest of my face would be clear but ill have one or two of those monsters and they ruin everything. they cant be concealed and can be spotted from a mile away! does hydorcortisone really get rid of them? i usually use BP or salyric acid but the cyst still gets bigger, and it takes about 10 days for it to dry up. i have 2 big ones on my chin and 1 on my cheek right now. im gonna try out the hydrocortisone on my chin and see... hopefully itll work! i really need a solution for my crazy big lumps.

im using "cortagel" which is 1%.. and it is a blue gel. do you think this will work fine?

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Yes I'm sure it will if it's 1% Hydrocortisone. I used to get the ones that lasted 2 weeks as a big sore swollen lump until I decided to give the Hydrocortisone a try. It'll take a couple of days until the soreness and swelling is gone, but if you can catch it early enough, you can blitz a cyst in a day, and that's the end of it.

Good Luck with the cortagel biggrin.gif

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thanks a lot for your post

i also have success with bp

but my biggest problem is the big cysts i tend to get two or so every month or more. the pimples i know go away with bp, but the painful red cysts, like you said can't even be covered...

i am going to try the hydrocortisone,,,and it makes sense that it should work. From what i heard dermatologists inject a type of steroid for systs. But sometimes if they inject too much they could cause an indent.

I also read to ice it as soon as you feel that you are gonna get a big painful one. i'll also try that.

good luck,

and thanks a lot

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i got a bad outbreak of cysts a few days ago (two on my chin, one of the tip of my nose, one of the side of my nose towards my cheek) and i 've been applying hydrocortisone to the cysts on my chin. the hydrocortisone is surprisingly drying! after 2 day of continuous application (i'd layer it on probably 5 or 6 times throughout the day), the area began to look kinda scabby and started peeling. is this normal? i gotta admit the cyst went down a lot though, it actually might not come up! the area is sitll sore but its not that much raised, it is just very very dry.

i hate these cysts. theyre not coming to a head. the one on the center of my nose has been there for a week and i dont think a head will show. its starting to die down though. what happens to cysts when they dont come to a head? from my experience, that same area is prone to have another cyst sometime in the future.

does anyone know what caused my crazy cyst breakout in the first polace?? i think i mightve rubbed some moisturizer on my nose by accident, or i could all be my consumption of chocolate. i just hope i wont have another breakout like this again! i stayed home all week because of it.

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I have to say that even though I do get them quite a bit, (used to be 2 breakouts of cysts a month,) I don't know all that much about what causes them, or what happens when they don't come to a head. I do find that they appear in the same places as they have previously.

Perhaps my original post was a bit hasty, as upon waking up this morning I found my chin looking red, and after a shower and a shave, I could definately see the bumps that used to be there 2 weeks ago. I think I'll go and put some hydro on them, make sure they don't come back properly.

I have stopped BP for a couple of days, but I doubt that would've caused the breakout, because the BP never seemed to stop the big ones anyway.

Damn, damn, damn, i feel these getting bigger and sorer right now. Well off to the sink I'll go now, but good luck to everyone else

Oh and victorious, let me know how the ice works out for you

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i think the hydrocortisone worked!!! on my chin, the 2 cysts never really went up. the hydrocortisone jsut dried the crap out of them and made it peel a bit. after it peeled the bumps were gone. however, on my nose where i didnt experiment with the hydrocortisone, the cysts still remain. it could just all be a coincidence, but the next time i see a cyst, im definately gonna try hydrocortisone. im so glad to possibly find something that works!! thanks backlash

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