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Hi everyone,

Am new to the group but I have been carefully watching over the last 6 months on how everyone is doing.

I am 24 yrs old Male from the UK and been suffering with acne for nearly 11 Years!

My scarring is quite bad also.

I use Cetaphil cleansing wash and a product called Panoxyl 2.5 which is exactly like BP 2.5 and come in the same strengths etc.. this REALLY drys out my skin and kind of makes it scaly looking. ](*,)

Been following Dan's morning and nightly tips for eight weeks now and no real imporovements so am blaming my moisturizer. 8-[

I shave twice a week with a single bladed razor (oh and the dermo suggested it!), as I have found anything with more blades irritates my face even more and electric razors tear my face apart.

I am also taking Minocycline antibiotics to try and kill the bacteria from the inside aswell... anyway straight to the point.

I have been using Palmers Coca Butter moisturizer and a Aloe Vera with Vitiman E moisturizer whilst using Panoxyl, but this does not help my dry skin or breakouts, so am asking for everyones advice on this one. [-o<

Please suggest something that helps the drying and helps prevent outbreaks! :-k [-o<

sad.gif Getting really depressed about now because how many 24 do you see with acne?

NOT MANY!!!!!!!!

email me or reply please

mailto: [email protected]

Thanks Everyone!

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Guest june

i don't know if you want to be putting palmer's coca butter moisturizer on your face....a few of the ingerdients are ok, but most are not good for acne proned skin...great for stretch marks though....i would ditch the palmers and just stick with the aloe vera with vit e moisturizer for a week and see what happens....

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I have used Aloe Vera for 2 weeks and it seems to make me all red and blotchy so I discontinued using it.

Any More Suggestions???? sad.gif

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I don't think you want to stick a palmers products on your face....they're really designed for dry spots elbows and heels etc. Just too waxy for your face.

You need a light facial moisturiser without alcohol or any active ingredients....you also need it to contain a spf for during the day. I used to but avene optimale moisturiser when I was in britain (I have very dry sensitive skin), the brit boys on this site use a lot of products from Urban Rites, cetaphil facial moisturiser would be alright, a neutrogena oil and fragrance free product for sensitive skin would probably be ok at a pinch.

Panoxyl is pretty shitty and drying. I can't remeber what other alternatives are available in Britian...Fatman-uk, Crooked or Cubos will probably know. Stop press...someone has already answered your bp question in another thread...oxy on the spot....


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I can't get any Cetaphil products overs here or online apart from the face cleanser I am already using.

I have tried neutrogena products in the past and these haven't help me much either. ](*,)

If I can get a really good moisturizer for very dry/sensitive skin I might be on the right road! :-k

I might try just the 2.5% BP as you suggested and then start all over again!!!!

Am desperate so I will try anything now! sad.gif

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First question: how long have you been on Minocycline and have you noticed any improvement since starting?

Is the Panoxyl 2.5 you are using a gel one? A lot of people here are using that and it seems to be effective as well as very cheap. It is going to be my next choice for BP when I've finished my current supply. Oxy on the Spot was very drying for me to start with as well but it got better after 6 weeks. Apart from the dryness, is there anything else like redness or irritation from the Panoxyl?

I also agree that you should try not using the cocoa butter on your face. It's not a common ingredient in facial moisturisers and there are much better options out there.

Silly question, but are you also following Dan's advice on not letting your pillow touch your face when you sleep? I found that reduced my breakouts by 90%.

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I have been using Minocycline for 3 1/2 months and it seems to slow down outbreaks but nothing more so, I have been using topical aswell.

I have used Panoxyl for months and the first 2 months it DID inprove my acne, but from experience and the big scaby-red face from using a large amount (about the same as Dan's suggested dose.)

It does irritate slightly but did not make my face red just REALLY dry and made my acne angry looking under the skin.

I have also noticed that if you apply Panoxyl directly to a spot or after you have popped this will help greatly reducing the size of it, but the spot does leave a red mark as it disappears of a couple of days!

My acne seems to be mostly on one side of my face and because of the dryness and redness of the acne under my skin it makes it look 1000 times worse.

I try to avoid putting my face directly on the pillow at night but sometimes cannot stop doing this because am a heavy sleeper. I try to lay on my back at all times but always end up on one of my sides by morning!

My face is slightly improving but is still very,very dry and you can see angry red marks under the skin! ](*,)


Thanks for you help!

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