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I have seen the greatest improvement by using...

I have seen the greatest improvement in my skin by using 15% mandelic acid night and day. Also 10% glycolic acid at night. Also doing a bentonite clay and vinegar mask a few times a week. This can dry your skin a lot and cause lots of peeling initially (I do tape method each day).

I use manuka oil / emu oil combo in the day over the mandelic acid as it doesn't over moisturiserize and it still allows the skin to peel.

I use clean & clear blackhead scrub as a face wash morning and night.

Doing this for the last 8 weeks has given me a better improvement than 1.5 yrs on retin-a (isotrex), 6 months on super copper peptides and many lactic acid 50% peels.

My red marks have faded dramatically and pitted acne scarring has also seen improvements.

I use mac SPF 15 make up with a dusting of aromleigh pure cover on top. My skin is no longer oily and it doesn't look dry and flakey when I use this make up combo.

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My problems was mostly red marks.

Today I got woken up and my driving instructor had arrived, I thought lesson was tommorow. The first thing that ran through my mind, as usual, is how the hell am I gonna do my make up so quick. For 11 years I have never even answered the door to a delivery man unless I had my make up on. Today I looked in the mirror about to slap some make up on real quick, and I realised I didn't even need it, my god.

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Good for you! It must be a great feeling to know you don't need makeup!

I can't even wear make-up..they all make me oily, and I don't know why. I can go from a.m. to p.m. with no oil without makeup, but as soon I put it on, a few hours later I'm soo oily. I check to make sure it's oil free and it still doesn't matter. On the positive side, I used to be oily even without makeup, so I'm improving.


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