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Could I Please Have Some Feedback

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I have now been on mino for a year, and have had acne since 8th grade and I am now a freshmen in college.... I am some what happy with mino...but I know it is not a permanent solution. I would really like to take a small dose of accutane.. I have a very oily face. Which i think is now the problem.. I have a constant 5-9 spots on my face. Every month i would say I get 2-3 cysts... Is accutane the answer for me, I am willing to go through the side effects, I just honestly want to end this acne thing for good...

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I think the only person who can give you the answer is a doctor.

From what I've been told by my doctor, persistant acne that does not respond to other treatments makes you a candidate for accutane.

I've never had severe acne, but it's always been persistant and accutane has been offerred in the past as an option.

I never wanted to try it though, and the last time I saw my doctor, she said my skin was far to good to consider it.

I also took minocin for years. It had it's positive and negatives like anything else, but eventually the negatives far outweighed the positives so I no longer use it.

From the sounds of it, you have some persistant acne which isn't responding to the minocycline and you should talk to you doc about the accutane.

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thanks for the response. I do think that is what I am gonna do.. My skin isnt horrible, it just bothers me quite a bit and I have been putting up with it for far too long. hopefully this will be the answer.

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I honestly dont think you should take accutane for 8 pimples...... 8 pimples that isnt even bad at all really........ Try to stop stressing about it! I used to stress very bad over it and then one day I told myself that I would no longer have time to stress about it cause it was in the end pointless and you know once I stopped stressing about it, my acne went away faster! All you can do it be happy use your medication and have FUN! try it............. It will make you happy it did for me atleast! take care.

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Actually I changed my mind from the last time I posted on this thread. If your skin bothers you then you should take this because My friend took it and WOW amazing and they never get zits! I am going on it too!!!!! I never knew I could do accutane for my case but I guess if you want it that bad they cant not give it to you...... or else they will be the grinch!!!!

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Yah, It honestly isnt that bad, but why not just get it over with, the 5 or 6 months i would probably be on will be just as exspensive as anti-biotics for the next 2 years, and the effects will be much better

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Like you, I have don't have severe cystic acne but every month around "that time of the month" I get cysts (usually on my chin area). My derm asked me on a scale of 1 to 10 how I feel when I get these cysts. My response was a 12...I said I just want to hide in the closet for a week until they leave or are managable. He then suggested Accutane.

I think only you can make the decision to go on Accutane, not even your doctor can make it for you (but only recommend it.) You need to make sure you are aware of all the potential side-effects, and know that they have to list out all of the side effects any one person has had on Accutane even though it may not be common.

If you have tried other remedies and they were unsucessful, then my opinion is give Accutane a try. I am in the same boat you are...I was ready to go on Accutane two weeks ago but I believe I still have a few options to try first. For me, I'm going to try the birth control pill and B5. If those don't work, Accutane here I come.

Good luck and I wish you the best !

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