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regimen messed up my skin.

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Dan's regimen kept me clear for 6 months, and it DOES clear acne very nicely. its the best method i EVER used, BUT at a price. about 2 months into the regimen i started getting really oily skin, the kind that looks all glossy and shiny after 3-4 hours. now, 1 month after i stopped the regimen for financial reasons, my skin oilyness didnt get any better at all. i think all that BP(yes i used a moisturizer) overdried my skin so badly that my natural oil production level increased to keep up with the dryness and is gonna stay at this level for a long time. before i started i never had overly oily skin and could go few days w/o a wash and not look shiny at all. now i cant even stay overnight at my friends house cause i know that by morning i'll look like a waxed bowling ball, and if camera has a flash...forget about it.

not knockin on Dan's regimen, cause it really does help, but just wanted to vent. sad.gif

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HOW old are you? Maybe that is how your skin will look for few years not because of BP but because of your hormones that make you produce that much oil. When I was 12- 14 I had no oil on my face and no pores. Slowly my pores showed up and now at the age of 23 I got the most oily face in the whole NEW YORK and the biggest pores ever.. :o) DANS regimen also makes my skin produce more oil, but last 2 weeks ago I made some changes and I only use DANS regimen at night and in the morning I wash my face with OXY OIL FREEMAX STRENGHT ACNE WASH with 10% BP. Seems to make my face less oily during the day. Don't know what to tell you about that oil. MY FACE is a OIL FACTRY also, IT IS SHINNY LIKE I would wipe my face with oil. I don`t know why but I hope some day It will be somehow fixed. WISH YOU LUCK

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have you ever thought about taking some vitamin B5 (aka pantothenic acid)?

i read this vitamin decreases oil production a load, quite a lot of people on here use it.

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Yeah I read few posts about it but I think it is pointless because once you stop taking B5 your oil production comes back. And I've read that you need to take a lot of B5 for it to work.

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Cool -- my acne is pretty mild but annoying -- a few pimples on the lower half of my face. But the return of the oil slick is aggravating after suffering through 6 months of Accutane 3 years ago!

Do you take anything with the B5? I heard adding a multi-vitamin to it (something with vitamin B) is helpful, and that Biotin helps with the B5 absorbtion. Also read that it's good to take essential fatty acids as well (salmon oil).

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