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God damn, some help here.

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My face doesn't have very bad acne. I'm sixteen, going onto seventeen, and I'd say if had it for two years now. It was progresively getting worse, and I would break out and it would look bad, but still not as bad as most people. I've been using BP for...three weeks now, and I noticed it really works, then after a little while, I broke out again, pretty badly, then it was healing, and then, I was close to being clear, then...I broke out again. Oddly enough, only on one side of my face. It seems to be switching sides. I'm fighting this breakout, and it might just heal by...friday or so, well, I need it to, cause I got a date. I was wondering, how long does one usually get acne regularly, is there anything I can do to prevent another breakout like this, and will sleeping on my back make any difference?

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oh...also...it's odd, my acne is not very bad, and my skin is generally good, not oily, or anything, but my acne is kinda hard to fight, it takes quite a bit of time...to heal and to get the zits to die. Any idea why this might be that way?

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Hey there. I can relate to you because my acne is very mild, the main problem being the amount of time it takes to heal old zits. BP couldn't do it for me, so I am now trying Retin-A Micro. Good luck to you.

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biggrin.gif Ah, honestly this is wierd, but...i'm pratically clear again. I don't know, but my skin is seriously speeding up it's recovery and clearing. I think BP really fucking works. Now I just gotta stay clear enough till Saturday!
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