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eXposed skin care. vitamin b5 questions too.

some of you might remember me posting asking about the exposedskincare system and if it worked. well, i recieved it about a week ago, and ive been using it every day following their instructions. i must say, it works really well. i didnt have much acne to start with though, maybe 5-6 zits here and there and an occasional minor cyst. bugged the hell out of me because i was on dan's regimen for like more than a year and a half. it helped a lot, but it didnt keep me 100% clear.

anyway, after using the products, im basically 100% clear now EXCEPT for a couple of red marks. one from a left over cyst, and two minor ones that are very red. i managed to fade them away quite a bit using alpha hydroxy, and exfoliating. but yea, this stuff works pretty well, if not a bit expensive. : i checked the ingredients and it has BP, salycylic acid, tea tree oil, etc. lots of the common stuff in its products.

but its too expensive for me, especially if it doesnt last 60 days like it says it will. thats why i ordered vitamin b5 from acnemiracle too. i should be getting it this week, hopefully that will work too, because its not as expensive. i wanted to ask anyone who has ACTUALLY TRIED vitamin b5. it seems like the vitamin b5 posts about sideaffects, dangers, non-potent b5 were all from people speculating. i mean, anyone can speculate. so i want to ask the people who have actually used or are using vitamin b5 if they experienced any serious side affects, if it worked, and any tips you might want to share. thanks.

i plan to use both products (vitamin b5 and exposed) at the same time. im not much of a patient type. heh.

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I just posted my experience in Marietta1's topic below yours albeit I didn't write that much about my b5 experience. If you want to read a B5 diary started last october then go here:


It's a huge topic and there are other people posting their experience - good and bad. That board used to be b5 mad so if you search around you'll find a few other topics floating around.

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