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Fireside Chats with Nomattic

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nomattic's tane log

Second Course

Month 1: 20 mg daily Amnesteem

Month 2: 40 mg daily Sotret

Month 3: 80 mg daily Sotret

Month 4: 80 mg daily Sotret

Month 5: 80 mg daily Sotret

Month 6: 80 mg daily Sotret

Brief history: Took the brand name Accutane when I was 14 for severe acne that covered my entire face. I mean literally, my entire face. My FIRST course went something like this (got my records from my old dermatologist)

Month 1: 50 mg daily Accutane

Month 2: 50 mg daily Accutane

Month 3: 60 mg daily Accutane

Month 4: 80 mg daily Accutane

Month 5: 80 mg daily Accutane for 2 weeks, 40 mg daily Accutane for 2 weeks

Notes reveal that I was clear by the end of the treatment on the day of my last appointment. Then at age 21 my acne came back, less severe (mild) but very persistent. I know, some people are gonna knock the fact that I went on Accutane again even though my acne is mild. Honestly, I'd much rather stop it before the inevitable happens and I get permanent scarring for life, as I don't yet have any. Accutane saved me the first time, as I had extreme acne but treated it early enough to the point where I have not one single scar on my face, and I'd like to keep it that way. Not only that but it was getting progressively worse despite any topical or dietary efforts I was making. So, I hauled ass all the way back home to my original tane doctor to get it again, because the derms I've seen up at school are less than knowledgable or competent. Typed up a long list of failed treatments thus far, pleaded my case, got a scrip, so here I go...

I guess i should list my stats for scientific purposes, seeing as I'm a really prestigious scientist and everything. I am:

Age: 22

Sex: Male

5'9" 140 lbs

Took Accutane once before, this is my second course.

On no other medications currently except transferring from the DKR (Benzoyl Peroxide)

Love cuddling and long walks on the beach. purrrr.

Day 1:

Action: nine pimples (one on cheek, six on chin, one on jaw line, one on forehead)

Side effects experienced: none, obviously

Feelin: pretty awright, pumped to be startin generic tane.

Other notes: still using the DKR as of today (may use until dryness becomes too much)

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Yea, I really hope you're right. I'm hoping this is the backhand to the face for my acne problems.

Day 3:

Action: 5 pimples/cysts (one on cheek, two on chin (one which is scabbing, cracked, and bleeding), one on jaw line, one under jawline near my neck.

Side effects experienced: Dry face, some cysts are cracked and bleeding now. Last night my throat was a little sore, I actually started to feel very tired and weak, but this morning I'm feeling much better. My wrists, hands, and face are getting itchy (from dryness maybe?) But no skin flaking yet. My appetite is still the same, in fact I'm really enjoying eating normally again now that I've given up on the vegan diet cure. I ate 5 pancakes and used like a pound of syrup this morning. It ruled.

Feelin: Better than last night. Pretty optimistic still

Other notes: Have stopped using BP due to dryness. Am simply washing my face with Cetaphil and moisturizing with Cetaphil Face Cream.

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Day 4:

Action: 5 pimples (1 new one on cheek area, 1 new cyst on chin, 2 other remaining healing cysts on chin, 1 healing on cheek).

Side effects experienced: Dry nose this morning, boogers were all painful. Lame. My lips are slightly chapped and peeling but only to a small degree. No cracking or anything yet. Old cysts/pimples are now only redmarks and the skin right around those areas is flaking slightly. When I went to pop a new cyst that had emerged my skin instantly came off instead of popping, so now I just have a giant open wound where the cyst was. Booooo. Lesson learned, no more popping. Otherwise I have plenty of energy, I'm less itchy this morning but still get random itches inside my nose, on my arms, face, and scalp.

Feelin: Ok. Pretty optimistic for the past 4 days, which is rare as of late. In general, I'm feeling far better than I was feeling before I went on Accutane. I think my improved mental state is due to my confidence that this will work. Before when I was trying many things with no results I eventually lost faith and it caused me to be a pretty big downer.

Other notes: Used a tiny amount of BP just on the new cyst that popped up, but otherwise I'm just washing my face with Cetaphil and moisturizing with the Cetaphil cream. P.S. I am digging this Cetaphil cream that comes in the big tub. I tried the Cetaphil in the pump with SPF and DESPISED it, as it caused me to break out and burned horribly. The cream on the other hand is awesome, doesn't break me out, and a little bit seems to go a long way.

Total mg's ingested: 80

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Day 5:

Action: 5 pimples (1 on cheek got worse overnight, spot where cyst on chin was is now a HUGE scab, other on chin is just painfully scabbed over, same with one on jawline. One new one right below lip came up yesterday, but its gone today, crazily enough.

Side effects experienced: Dry eyes and lips. The skin on my face actually seems oilier today than it has been in many years. I notice that I get cut easily on my hands and face, my skin seems to be much more sensitive already. No bodily itches so far today.

Feelin: pretty good, but my eyes are dry and burning like a mother.

Other notes: Skin was way too sensitive to use any BP today, the thought of it made me cringe. I went to the gym yesterday and worked out pretty hard. Things went ok actually, no pain or unusual tiredness. Sweet.

Total mg's ingested: 100

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Day 6:

Action: 6 pimples/cysts: one on my cheek is still just a red bump that hurts, got a new one on my chin yesterday that has already popped and is really sensitive, other one on my chin is still a monster scab that seems to be growing??, one on jawline that was a painful scab actually reformed into a big whitehead and I was jonesin' to pop it, so now its an even worse scab. There seems to be less new acne forming but the ones that do stick around in scab/redmark form for a long time and hurt a crapload more than they used to.

Side effects experienced: Increased skin sensitivity (get cut a little more easily and acne now heals slower). Slightly dry lips and eyes, but nothing crazy. My skin seems oilier still. Still no sign of an IB but as I've been reading they can come as far as 5 weeks in so I'm not getting my hopes up that I've somehow bypassed it. Feeling kinda tired this morning even though I got a full night's sleep, but that could be for a few other reasons.

Feelin: A little out of it, kind of optimistic. Tired.

Other notes: Haven't been using any BP and haven't gotten a huge breakout. In the past if I missed even one application I got like 5 new ones on my chin a few hours later, but I've missed about 2 days of BP and have only gotten 1 or 2. Not entirely sure if it's just random luck and tomorrow I'll wake up with 10, or maybe the tane is keeping things under control...?

Total mg's ingested: 120

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Just stopped by to wish you good luck - we started on the same day and I am on 30mg/day, not much more than you... Keep us posted with your progress!

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Thanks for stopping by barb, and for the words of encouragement. It definitely will be interesting to see how we all go through it since I've heard some side effects are universal and others are unique to different people. I wish you luck too!

Day 7:

Action: probably about 7 or 8. Got a new one under my lip and a big one on my chin. Although it's early, I'm thinking that since this is my second course I'm getting my IB early. I say this mainly because my skin has that really oily look already and I'm breaking out more. I was thinking it might be the moisturizer I was using that was making me so greasy, but even after getting out of the shower, when my skin is usually so tight and dry, I was still an oil slick. Redmarks from acne are sticking around. The weird thing about that is that I really didn't have a big problem with lingering redmarks before going on Accutane. It seems the tane is making them stick around.

Side effects experienced: Slightly dry lips. My usually overly dry skin is really oily. I'm breaking out a little more. The skin under my eyebrows is kind of itchy and is starting to flake. I'm sure that looks hot when I'm riding a crowded public bus. I find it pretty weird that some of my skin is really oily while other parts are starting to get dry. Skin is still really sensitive. I'm learning not to pick, one little flesh wound at a time.

Feelin: Ok, kinda bummed about breaking out, but it's nothing worse than before. Skin is lookin pretty nasty at the moment.

Other notes: Felt so greasy today I couldn't resist and used some BP. Even after that, my skin still feels sorta slick. I've also started taking Vitamin E, Milk Thistle, and Flax Seed Oil Capsules (all left over from doin the diet/supplement cure...)

Total mg's ingested: 140

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Day 8:

Action: A lot. While they arent really big or anything, I have a bunch of small new bumps on my chin area and one that I can feel coming right above my upper lip. I hate those. One new cyst on my back is already going away a little. The monster scab on my chin from my first picking incident is still stickin around and is as lumpy and protruding as ever.

Side effects experienced: Dry lips a little bit moreso now. The acne I've been getting is definitely still slow healing, and far more prone to leave marks that last longer. My skin is so oily now. I'm not even using moisturizer, which is CRAZY for me since my skin has always been the dry type that needs plenty of man-made moisture. Even after using BP (which I've been using just to combat some of the oiliness) my skin returns to its oily state 20 minutes later. Before tane I would literally be unable to even make a facial gesture after applying BP because my skin was so tight and dry. Crazy shit.

Feelin: Blah. Prolly not the tane, but today is just one of those rainy, shitty New England days.

Other notes: Still using BP occasionally just to deal with this oily phase. Today I also broke down and smoked a few cigarettes after my midterm after 3 months of not even having one. I "quit" a year ago and have been good about it, but every once in a while when I'm stressin I get this urge to smoke my problems away. I'm not sure what the deal was, but it made me feel so sick, which has never happened before. I'm not sure if it's the tane or some weird fluke of nature, but I had NO tolerance to the cigarette smoke. Afterwards I actually needed to come home and sleep it off for an hour. I've been demoted to pansy ass level. Another lesson learned.

Total mg's ingested: 160

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Day 9:

Action: Acne is actin a fool. Not sure how to sum it all up. 4 new spots have popped up overnight, one old redmark was revived back into a whitehead, but a bunch of bumps that were here are now completely gone. And the giant scab on my chin is healing crazy fast now. On the other hand, I got 2 cysts on my back. So I dunno, I guess some good, some bad. Not sure if this is just a regular breakout or an IB.

Side effects experienced: Much drier lips. Much less oily today than the past few days, which I'm hoping is a good sign. Otherwise none to report! Sweeet.

Feelin: Okay. Hoping this is the IB and will clear soon, but optimistic nonetheless.

Other notes: Used a tiny bit of BP on my new whiteheads. Not as much though as my skin seems drier today. Have noticed an increase in appetite. Word to that. I love eating.

Total mg's ingested: 180

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Ha- I like reading your log, you're funny. I love eating too, so this 'fatty foods' with the Tane thing is really doin me good :)

I am also quite oily now, but it's no different from how my skin was pre-Tane. OILY. It could also be my moisturiser, which is quite greasy.

Are you pink/red at all?

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Haha, thanks barb! Yeaaa I'm diggin the fatty foods too. I take my tane pill with peanut butter and toast in the morning. And then I usually take the knife back to the peanut butter for a few extra straight pb scoops. Sounds hot, I know. I definitely notice extra redness right when I'm out of the shower or when I sweat, which I never used to get before. So, while the redness is not entirely random, my skin is definitely more sensitive to certain situations. I find that aloe helps (even the kind that comes bottled was sensitive enough for my skin), or putting a cool washcloth/towel on my face. I also noticed that the moisturizer I was using (Cetaphil Cream) was REALLY adding to my oiliness. I'm not going to use it until I notice significant dryness. My oiliness seems to be on a downslope now though. It seems like I'm going through the side effects at rapid pace this second time around.

Day 10:

Finished my first ten pack!

Action: Still in the midst of an IB. Got spots in random places I don't typically get them, although these newly erupted spots seem to be drying up quickly. This one little bump thing that I had near my eye for seriously about 6 months now, that I actually began to think wasn't a zit at all, popped last night. It RULED. Mainly because now I'm at least sure it was a clogged pore and not some permanent growth, and secondly because it was really starting to irritate the hell out of me. Couple bumps on my back that never erupt, they seem to just form and then dissipate the next day. Monster scab on my chin is chillin, goin away slowly.

Side effects experienced: Lips are now officially peeling, not just dry. Even when I put moisturizer on they still peel, and sometimes leave these little red spots where it looks like I picked them raw. My skin is now no longer oily, it's on the dry side and starting to flake. I am now needing to use moisturizer. My mouth and throat tend to get a dry easily too so I have been drinking extra water every 20 minutes, considering I cant really apply moisturizer to my throat or anything without a potential trip to the hospital or at least an unpleasant taste. Nothin else to report on this topic.

Feelin: Optimistic about my skin actually, but pissed because I just got in a huge argument about people that smoke pot with my judgmental "friend".

Other notes: Stopping BP use since my skin is now drying out. Am only washing my face and occasionally moisturizing.

Total mg's ingested: 200

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Hey you are a little bit ahead of me....Im on 30mg/day...day 3. Im going to be watchin your log, see how things are progressing. Good luck!....ya sounds like this is your IB. Which is good......should be one of the last big breakouts you might ever have so hang in there.

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reid- yea me too. i think anything can be done like whoa. and even if someone didn't do something like whoa it makes even the most mundane events sound far more exciting when recounting them. i.e. "man she dropped that book like whoa" or "wow he tipped that cow like whoa"

sotret- Yea it seems like we're pretty close in terms of where we are in our treatment, I'm only like a week ahead, but that's enough for you to check out what's up with me to maybe see whats coming for you. Is this your first or second course? I ask mainly because I should note again that this is my second time on tane so I'm more likely to experience the course of this drug at a much quicker rate than first time users. The first time I took it things happened very differently.

Day 11:

Action: No new spots on my face, everything is starting to heal. My spots are now just little red scabs on my face. On my back I have a couple of active cysts in random places I never usually get them. I'm coming to find that pimples on your back suck major ass. They hurt really bad and I always seem to hit them when putting my clothes on. I'm pretty sure these are the result of an IB.

Side effects experienced: A little itchy on my head today. My face seems kind of dry, definitely out of the oily phase now. Lips are dry and peeling. Very dehydrated too, which can only be addressed by drinking a shitload of water since moisturizer to the throat is not an option, as I mentioned before.

Feelin: Alright today. Face is looking better, is at least calmed down. I also just drank coffee so I'm gettin all frisky.

Other notes: Havent used BP in a few days. Acne seems to be at the mercy of the tane. BP use, or lack thereof, seems to have no impact on my acne situation for better or worse at this point, whereas it used to be a huge factor.

Total mg's ingested: 220

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Day 13:

Action: Still some lingering redmarks from acne I've gotten from my IB. Also got a tiny whitehead right on the edge of my lips. Monster scab is almost totally healed, but one little spot of it that remained reformed into a whitehead and I popped that fucker again. Sorry, had to. Other than that no new spots on my face. Getting some on my back that I dont usually get but they seem to come and go quickly.

Side effects experienced: Dry lips and skin. May have had an oily few hours yesterday, but not that bad and it wen't away pretty quick. Last night after the gym I was very tired and pretty sore for the first time. Got a headache and body aches (not the kind you get from working out, but the kind you get when you are sick) that made me want to just go to sleep. When getting back to my girlfriend's house I completely passed out on the couch after dinner. Have had some sort of depressing feelings, but this could be due to the fact that it's winter. I think maybe Accutane just exacerbates my occasional pre-existing negative feelings. I'm keeping an eye on it, but at this point am not worried.

Feelin: Good skinwise. Stressed lifewise.

Other notes: Haven't used any BP in a long time now, and my acne is really calm generally speaking. I'm definitely able to say that I'm seeing some sort of reaction with my acne that I can directly relate to the Accutane. Before, everyday was a crapshoot where I never knew if I was going to wake up to 2 new spots or 7. It feels good not to have that fear at this point.

Total mg's ingested: 260

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Ya I understand what you are saying waking up everyday having no idea how many new ones you got now its a shitty feeling.....good thing its starting to look like you dont have to worry about that much anymore

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been13years - I'm all about the sharing of ideas so it's definitely cool to use the total mg's ingested part. It makes me feel more scientific since I'm using terms like "miligrams" and tracking it daily, and that consequently makes me feel smart even though I'm really special ed. On the other hand it is pretty useful during a tane course. I'm doin pretty good and I check your log daily so thanks for stoppin by mine :)

sotret- Yea, it's probably that particular feeling that makes taking tane worth it for me. It's lame when the fate of your entire day is determined just by the condition of your skin in the morning. I'd much rather that the fate of my day rest upon something far more meaningful.

Day 14:

Action: A total of 3 red spots that are scabs. One right above my upper lip, one right below my lower lip. CRAPPY places for acne, seeing as they get in the way of everything including kissing, eating, etc, two things I'm known to enjoy. Monster scab that was going down, but then reincarnated into a small whitehead, is now a pretty friggin big scab again, because I picked the crap out of it in a moment(s) of weakness. Otherwise the other redmarks are completely fading. I'm also noticing places where I had even the smallest clogged pore before are little circular flakes now that peel off easily.

Side effects experienced: Slightly itchy scalp, increasingly dry lips, minor headaches that don't last long. Not as many depressing thoughts in general, seem to be handling myself better.

Feelin: Optimistic

Other notes: Still no BP. After being lazy about taking supplements I took them again today (Milk Thistle, Vitamin E, and Flax Seed Oil). I've been taking the Flax Seed Oil with breakfast and my tane pill since it is a source of fats. I'm not entirely sure that this is an effective source of fats to take Tane with, so any insight would be appreciated.

Total mg's ingested: 280

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Day 15:

Action: No new actives in a few days now. Just scabs that I constantly out of habit think are ready to be picked off, but aren't, and then I'm back at square one. So just a few redmarks and scabs right now. Actually what's weird is that last night I had a ton of work to do for school, was stressed like hell, and drank a ton of coffee (typically things that DEFINITELY used to make me break out), but I only got one tiny little bump that was gone this morning when I woke up. That is a TRUE testament to the fact that Accutane is working.

Side effects experienced: Got my first taste of Tane burn today. It was slight, but definitely there. I noticed it when I went to the bathroom after class and realized that I was probably flushed red throughout my entire project presentation in Seminar. Awesome. My lips have reached an entirely new level of dryness, to the point where I'm using Vaseline Lip Balm every 30 minutes or my lips are actually painfully dry now. Actually my face really isn't that dry these past few days. Since I have been so busy with schoolwork to the point where I've barely had time to eat or sleep at all, I've really been neglecting the hydration factor. Today on the way to school I was so dehydrated I felt like I was gonna pass out. Suggestion: Always have a bottle of water with you, even if it's empty, you can fill it up with water from a water fountain.

Feelin: Pretty good, my face is looking better today. Lifewise I'm fucking exhausted and ready to ass out.

Other notes: Still no BP. Just face wash everyday and moisturizer if needed.

Total mg's ingested: 300

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Day 17:

Action: If there are small children around or you are sensitive to cursing please stop reading. But seriously, god damn motherfuckin son of a bitch. Things were awesome yesterday, but then yesterday night and today I've gotten at least 6 or seven new spots/spots that were healed that became whiteheads again. Just in time for the weekend. They are scattered, one on one cheek, one on the other, one on my chin, one near my mouth, one on my forehead. Balls. Sweaty god damn balls. :wall:

Side effects experienced: Apparently I'm getting the 2 week IB, which as far as the number of spots goes isn't worse than anything I've had pre-tane, but it's kinda spread out so it tends to look a little worse, in my opinion. Fortunately since my face is kind of red from the tane and mild sun exposure I got, you cant really see many of the new spots I've gotten, but I constantly look flushed like I just ran a fucking marathon. My lips are a little dry, but otherwise no other side effects.

Feelin: Pissed.

Other notes: Nothing, just dammit.

Total mg's ingested: 340

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i'm sorry you're stressing, but can i just say that you crack me up?? it's nice to read your log... i'm a few days behind you. actually i'm on the same exact course/schedule as sotret. my first time though. anyway, thanks for keeping it real. i hope things start to look up for you soon!! but in the meantime thanks for keeping everything light and full of comedy. :) it's good to laugh when things are stressful.

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britneys: Thanks for stopping by my log. For a while there I was starting to think I was the only one writing/reading this, but I was pretty cool with that cuz talking to yourself is healthy and exciting. I guess when I'm writing this I am just kind of letting out my inner thoughts, which are weird and often scattered, but I'm glad you find some solace/humor in reading this, because I know I get that from a lot of people here. From reading your log it sounds like you're just as pumped about the side effects as me, so here's to hoping you get your first bloody nose soon and at a convenient time :dance: I'm pretty sure this is the only time in your life you'll hear people tell you that without having ill feelings towards them.

Day 18:

Action: Pretty much the same since last night when I was bitching up a storm about my new breakout. Actually I think two more sprung up since then, which is awesome considering I was already so pumped about having the others. The scabs on my chin that I have had since the beginning of this entire course of tane are still there and at this point I'm not really expecting them to leave anytime soon. I'm sure people that see me daily are starting to think I have herpes or some other permanent gig.

Side effects experienced: My first bloody nose! It sounds kind of like "baby's first." You know like "baby's first teddy bear", or maybe "baby's first christmas", and now "baby's first bloody discharge from the face!" I'm pretty pumped, because I know the tane is fast at work drying out my insides. Mmm mmm good. But, honestly it wasn't that bad, it only happened when I went to blow my nose this morning. It wasn't hardcore like a coke addict with rusty pipes. Speaking of drugs, I'm also itchier than a methadone junkie.

Feelin: Not really that good, but I guess not really that bad.

Other notes: Orange cough syrup in large doses can make you fly.

Total mg's ingested: 360

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You are really funny. Thanks for the post on my log - it's 'good' to know that others at this stage are experiencing the same effects as me... ah, it's fun, ain't it? We'll get past it though - hopefully it doesn't last long.

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Day 19:

Action: A couple of the newbies have already healed up (unusually fast), yet more have popped up to replace them, so overall I'm about the same. Got about 5 or 6 spots scattered across my face. The left side of my chin is a disaster area, with a few concentrated, painful scabs and a new spot. It hurts to smile, which is fine because having painful scabs on my face doesn't exactly inspire happiness, so somehow I've been able to contain myself. I also have tiny little clogged pores all above my mouth and farther up towards my nose too. You can't see them unless you look really closely, and when I touch them I can barely feel them, but I'm worried they could turn into something bigger, like individual little time bombs. How exciting. On the other hand, I'm noticing that if I can ACTUALLY leave the emerging spots alone, they heal much quicker than usual. But if I mess with them, they turn into giant scabs that never heal.

Side effects experienced: Extremely dry inside my nose today. My boogers are really painful again and picking my nose makes it bleed, so at least it stops me from picking in public. Rawrr. My skin is much drier today and is starting to flake and peel around my nose and corners of my mouth. My lips are really dark red like I got punched in a barfight.

Feelin: Dry. Lethargic.

Other notes: Coffee is a natural laxative. Hurrah.

Total mg's ingested: 380

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