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Is it me, or does the BP Gel still gives me pimples yet the Neutrongena OTS keeps me clear?

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Whenever I use Neutrogena On The Spot 2.5% BP it seems to keep me very clear.... right now I am using that since my Gel ran out, now while on the Gel I would still always break out and then it would go away but then I'd have another big spot or cyst after one goes away.... So basically I was never really clear. But after using the Neutrogena On The Spot for about 2 weeks, I would get rid of the active pimple but I would not break out. now I am VERY clear and I have not had a break out since my pimple went away (unlike with the BP Gel)... I am afraid to order another BP Gel because of course I don't want to get any pimples that I seemed to of got when I was on it. Also has anyone have a problem with the BP Gel drying your face up so much? Whenever I applied the BP Gel I couldn't eat a sandwich because whenever I opened my mouth, my cheeks were soooo tight and dry. I'm torn. I love The BP Gel because it does seem to apply to my face soo much better as the On The Spot clumps up and it's good for 3 months but Is this just a coincidence or can anyone relate to this???

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use whatever is working for you i still prefer the gel over the ots cream because gel doesnt leave a residue! and dry u as bad

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When I was still using BP as my main treatment I also alternated between Dan's, and the Neutrogena on the spot. I first started out with the neutrogena and when I switched over to Dan's I felt like it didn't keep me as clear. After alternating a lot between the two, my skin began responding to the gel like it did with the Neutrogena.

If you're clear right now with the on the spot I would just stick with that. That's the goal isn't it?? Good luck!

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You might have been using more Neutrogena that you were of Dan's gel, though, since the tubes dispense different amounts because the holes are different size, so it's hard to gauge.

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